GoodBuy 2014

It’s that time again makeup lovers. This is my annual post that quickly shares products I discovered during the year, but didn’t blog about. I don’t blog about everything I get for various reasons. Some items are limited edition, and by the time I get around to blogging it may be sold out. My 2014 started out with a bang as I became pregnant with my first (and only) child after years of trying. This explains my absence from posting a lot this year and possibly going forward. (It took me a week to prepare this post alone.) Thankfully, I gave birth to a healthy, adorable boy a few months ago.

Okay, back to makeup. Enjoy and Happy New Year!!

Paula Dorf Brushes

L to R: Eye Blender Brush Sheer Crease Brush Eye Contour Brush Smokie Lid Brush

L to R:
Eye Blender Brush
Sheer Crease Brush
Eye Contour Brush
Smokie Lid Brush

Paula Dorf 2

I have to thank a great makeup artist and YouTuber Lisa Eldridge for turning me on to these brushes. They are priced similar to Mac, but better quality and hand crafted versus machine cut. The softness is similar to that of Hakuhodo. They are soft enough to feel good on your skin when applying, but stiff enough for good control. The wood handle is short and travel friendly with the name of the brushes etched in. What really set these brushes apart for me are the shapes (with the exception of the crease brush) that you rarely see.

The Smokie Lid Brush ($28) is my favorite. It looks like it would stab you, but it is really soft and holds it shape well after cleaning. (I formed this brush into a point after washing so the look of it may be different elsewhere.) It’s great for use under the lower lash line or used for detailed crease work. The Eye Contour Brush ($28) looks like a crease brush that has been chopped at an angle. It’s good for crease work and deepening shades in the outer corner. The Eye Blender Brush ($30) is a very large eye brush that can be used for blending all the shades on your eye. I personally like it for cheek highlight and detailed contouring. The Sheer Crease Brush ($30) is your basic blending or crease brush and I like using it for both. You can find Paula Dorf brushes on her website. The one downside is it takes an incredibly long time for her to restock the sold out items. I stalked her site for months looking for the Eye Blender brush to be available.

Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer

L to R:   #515 Pink Ruby #530 Rose Quartz #535 Strawberry Topaz #550 Citrine

L to R:
#515 Pink Ruby
#530 Rose Quartz
#535 Strawberry Topaz
#550 Citrine

Revlon HD gloss swatch

Drug store makeup is always a risk for me because I like to swatch and try products first. For the past few years, the quality of drug store has improved a great deal so I’m more confident when I shop. These HD glosses (excuse me, lacquers) are really nice. The pigmentation varies, but you get a decent color payoff for the sheer shades. What I appreciated the most was the base oil isn’t a mineral oil, like their older glosses. The formula isn’t too sticky, but it is thick. I find it comfortable to wear. The applicator is a stumpy brush similar to Nars, which some may find irritating. The price may vary, but I paid $9. Pink Ruby is by far my favorite, while Rose Quartz is more of “my lips but better” shade as my lips are quite pigmented. Continue reading