Pat McGrath – Golden Opulence Mthrshp

Last month, Mother Pat caused a rift among her supporters with the sold out in three seconds re-release of her Decadence Mothership palette for the Star Wars movie. The management of that release was not a good look for her brand. Perhaps, this is her attempt to redeem herself. I picked up this limited edition palette last week. It is still available on her website as well as Sephora’s and retails for $65.

1 – Eternal Opulence
2 – Tranquility
3 – Lotus Luxe
4 – Prosperity
5 – Moon Phase
6 – Gold Fortune

If you’ve never tried a Pat McGrath palette before, you may like. However, I own several Mothership and Mthrshp palettes, and this palette isn’t her best. The matte shades are pigmented and blend out nicely. The shimmer shades are not as pigmented as her other palettes as they all require to be built up to get full coverage. I needed two or three applications to get the full intensity. The shimmer shades layer well making it easy to tailor the shades.

If you’re a fan of good, creative packaging, this new palette will not disappoint. Golden Opulence is like Dorothy’s red ruby slippers. The palette is a textured, shimmery red that thankfully isn’t glittery. It is her typical cardboard that folds over with an elastic closure like her other Mthrshp palettes. The trifold is annoying if you’re trying to use the mirror and makes it tricky to use the palette as it will fold back over.

I found the color story a bit limiting. The gold was a bit over the top and the pink shades too close in color once applied to the eye. In the pan, it appears differently, but not when applied.

The shades include:

Eternal Opulence – a shimmery, pale pink champagne.

Tranquility – a matte, medium peach brown.

Lotus Luxe – a shimmery, warm medium pink.

Prosperity – a matte, dark reddish-brown.

Moon Phase – a medium, shimmery mauve pink.

Gold Fortune – a shimmery metallic yellow gold.