Make Up Forever Empty Magnetic Palette


MUFE Empty Palette small

Exclusive to Sephora’s website, Make Up Forever offers various sizes of its empty magnetic palettes. Their large magnetic palettes (once only available via their stores) have been a long favorite of mine. I store all of my depotted shadows in the original large palettes, but don’t travel with them. The new smaller sizes piqued my interest as the small Z-Palettes I have and travel with daily are beginning to wear down.

The smaller sizes are just as sturdy as the original with regard to how it’s constructed. Though, it’s not without differences. The smaller sizes are thicker than the original (see the picture below), but this extra width is to hold the added foam in the new palette. There is a layer of foam underneath the magnet and a foam pad to place on top of the shadows for protection. The extra width also makes the palette easier to open, which was an issue with the original palette.

The 3.3 inch size holds four Make Up Forever pans (nine Mac/Urban Decay size shadows) and the 5.7 inch size holds twelve Make Up Forever pans (twenty Mac/Urban Decay size shadows); each are priced at $14. As this palette is exclusive to Sephora and online only, it’s often out of stock. I suggest signing up to receive an email if you’re interested in purchasing the palettes.

Top: Sephora exclusive Bottom: Original

Top: Sephora exclusive
Bottom: Original

Make Up Forever Empty Magnetic Palette

Make Up Forever Empty Magnetic Palette

Make Up Forever Empty Magnetic Palette

If you’re a lover of makeup, good organization and storage is essential. As my collection grew or rather my eye shadow addiction solidified itself, storing my shadow pans into palettes is a must.  I’ve tried a couple of different palettes over the years and considered the popular Z Palette, but meh.  I discovered Make Up Forever’s empty magnetic palette a long time ago and haven’t looked back.

Their palettes are HUGE…24x14cm (around 9×5” for the metric challenged).  It holds 24 Make Up Forever-sized shadows or 45 Mac-sized shadows.  There is plenty of room to play with, whether it is all shadows or a mix of shadows and blush.  The metal casing makes it very durable.  More importantly, it’s thin and that is a big space-saving plus.

MUFE palette 2MUFE palette 3

This is a great product no matter the size of your collection, but it does have some annoyances.  It isn’t the easiest to open for those who want to avoid breaking a nail or chipping polish.  So, I cut a strip from an index card and taped it to the inside of the lid.  I let an inch hang outside of the palette that easily pops the lid open and also doubles as a label.  Secondly, this palette can’t be purchased online or in your local Sephora.  (HUGE UPDATE 11/2014:  The palette is available online at Sephora!!)  You have to call a stand-alone store and order over the phone.  I have called the location in New York City several times with zero issues.  Annoyance is a strong word, given this palette only cost $14!

(The photo of the Mac palette is their old version.)