Louise Young LY04 Review


I love a good blush brush and I’ve collected a handful that I enjoy using.  I also love Louise Young eye brushes.  Her eye brushes are fantastically soft and blend eye shadow with ease.  I purchased the eye brushes from her website.  The company is based out of the UK, so the exchange rate and shipping made her products a little more difficult to get.  When I found out her products can be purchased at Nordstrom a few months ago, I thought it’s the perfect time to consider expanding my collection.  The eye brushes are great so the blush brush should be equally lovely, right?

LY LY04 a LY LY04 b LY LY04 c

WRONG!!  I hate that I’m writing a bad review, especially about a brand that makes great products.  Fact is, this brush (LY04) is one of the worst brushes I’ve felt.  It reminds me of the mini brushes that sometimes come with blushes or eye shadow compacts…those same brushes that you throw away.  Well, Louise has turned those pointless, mini brushes into a mini broom for the face.  (I think I just insulted brooms.  I’m sorry).  It is very prickly and scratchy and on its way back to Nordstrom as I type.  I can literally feel it stabbing at my cheek.  Normally, when I get a nice, soft fluffy brush, I can’t help but touch it and rub it against my skin (TMI?).  Well, I kept touching this brush in amazement at how horrible it is and hoping it was my imagination.

Perhaps Louise lowered the quality of the brushes that are sold in the U.S. and she’s stockpiling the real ones in the UK?  The LY04 blush brush retails for $28 and can be purchased from Nordstrom.  If you’re still interested in this brush, my advice would be to purchase it from LouiseYoungCosmetics.com and pay the extra cost.  Hopefully, you won’t get the brush made with the hair from a rat’s bum.  (Okay, now I’ve gone too far.)

Seriously, I would be interesting in knowing if anyone has purchased this brush from her website and was pleased with the quality.