INGLOT: Is It Spring Yet?


Earlier this week, the mid-west had several days of 90 degree weather, now it is in the 50’s.  Where I live, winter is eight months long and spring doesn’t arrive until June.  Yes, I’m exaggerating, but barely.  I figured I’d match my look with the calendar versus the temperature.  I used several Inglot matte and low shimmer shades for this look.

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Products Used:
Eyebrows: Mac Eyebrow Crayon – Spiked
Maybelline Great Lash Clear Gel
Base: Mac Painterly Paint Pot
Highlighter: INGLOT #352
Upper Crease: INGLOT #361
Crease: INGLOT #362
Outer Third: INGLOT #392
Outer V: Mac Indian Ink
Lid: INGLOT #393
Upper Lash Line: Urban Decay 24/7 Liner – Ransom
Lower Lash Line: Urban Decay 24/7 Liner – Asphyxia
Lower Water Line: Urban Decay 24/7 Liner – Asphyxia
Mascara: Maybelline the Falsies – Very Black
Foundation: Everyday Minerals Powder – Tan
Blush: Tarte Amazonian Clay – Flush
Contour: Everyday Minerals Powder – Bronzed Tan

Get This Look:

I applied Mac’s Painterly paint pot all over my lid with a SS239.  I softened the edges with a skin tone shade (for me it’s Mac’s Soft Brown).  With a Mac 217, I blended the orange shade into and above my crease.  With the same brush, I blended the pink color into my crease, but not completely covering up the orange.  The orange should peek out a bit.  With the same 217 brush (wiped clean), I blended the purple Inglot shade into the outer corner.  To define the outer V, I used Laura Mercier’s eye crease brush and Indian Ink eye shadow.

For the highlighter, I chose a matte Inglot cream shade.  To line the upper and lower lash line, I used a purple liner from Urban Decay.  For the lower water line, I used an iridescent purple/pink liner with green shimmer by Urban Decay.  I chose a berry blush for the cheek.  By the way, these new Tarte blushes are fantastic.  The quality and pigmentation is equal to Nars, but with better ingredients.

INGLOT – Color Envy


Every time I use these shadows, I’m more amazed at the pigmentation.  A fluffy brush on these shadows will get you into messy, fallout trouble.  I think this look may be pushing it even for Freedom Friday’s.  It could work if you kept the intensity lower on the lash line and faded the color up to the crease.

If you are a lover of matte shadows, consider these.  The slight shimmer you see is in the pan is barely detectable to the eye.  If you’re a shimmer fan, get over it and try these shadows out anyway.

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Products Used:
Eyebrows: Anastasia Brow Pencil – Dark Brown
Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion
Base Mac Painterly Paint Pot
Highlighter: Mac Vanilla
Upper Crease: Mac Soft Brown
Crease: Mac Folie
Outer V: Mac Plumage
Outer Third: INGLOT #504
Middle: INGLOT #477
Inner Corner: INGLOT #474
Upper Lashline: Urban Decay – Perversion Pencil
Lower Lashline: Urban Decay – Flipside
Lower Waterline: Urban Decay Shadow Pencil – Lit
Lash Primer: MAC Prep and Prime Lash
Mascara: Covergirl Lash Blast


Get This Look:

Apply your favorite base.  The downside of using UD’s Primer Potion is that the shadows stick too much and makes blending exceedingly difficult.  I’m forced to use a Paint Pot over the primer.  I applied Soft Brown on my brow bone and upper crease.  Soft Brown is close to my skin tone so I also used this shadow to soften the inner and outer edges of the Paint Pot.  I applied Folie (medium reddish brown) to my crease and the outer corner of my eye with a stiff dome brush.  I used a pencil brush to form the outer V using Plumage.

The fun part…I started off applying the green eye shadow (#477) to the center of my lid and blended it over to the inner and outer lid.  I put the yellow shade (#474) to the inner corner and blended it up and over into the green shade.  I repeated this process until it faded nicely.  I did the same after applying the teal shade (#504) to the outer corner and blending it over into the green.

This look is the first time I used Urban Decay’s Perversion eyeliner.  This is the blackest eyeliner I’ve tried.  I typically use their Zero black liner and I thought it was pretty black, but wow.  Flip side was applied to the lower lash line and smudge into the yellow.  I also put a little of the black liner to the outer corner of my lower lash line.

I may have to give up on using these shadow pencils on my waterline.  It burns and makes my eyes water and nose run.  The burning sensation is more annoying than painful.  If my eyes look red, that is why.

INGLOT Has Arrived!!

INGLOT is a very well-known makeup company based in Poland.  It has been available only overseas and in Canada, until now.  I’ve been an admirer of INGLOT shadows for over a year.  Many, many Makeup Gurus on YouTube have sung its praises.  Yet I stayed away.  I knew long ago they were coming to America so I waited.  One year later, INGLOT has multiple stores in the US, but none near the major US city I live in.  So, the only way for me to buy their products is to call a store and place an order over the phone and via email.  (UPDATE 3/8/11: INGLOT now has an online store!!!  Finally.  Visit  I’ve heard rumors of an online shop coming soon, but until then GET IT, GET IT, GET IT.  It is so worth it.  These shadows are junkie’s wet dream.

The shadows can be purchased in singles and I believe there are more colors available via singles.  The shadows shown below are their 10-pan Freedom System.  The Freedom System allows you to pick any color you want and organize it yourself.  They also have a 3 pan and a 5 pan available.  You can choose a square pan or a circle.

The Positives

– Pigmentation is amazing.  I’ve never experienced a makeup company where there wasn’t a single shadow that disappointed.  The mattes are fantastic, the shimmers are fantastic.  I can’t say that with Mac or Makeup Forever or my beloved Fyrinnae.

– The amount of product for the price is huge.  The square pans are 2.7g.  Compare that to MAC 1.3g; NARS singles 2.2g and Makeup Forever 2.5g, all of which cost a heck of lot more than INGLOT.

– The company also offers the Freedom system for the brow powders, lip shades, face powders and blushes.  You can also mix and match these products into your own custom palette.

– The magnetized translucent lids are very strong.  So strong, you may pinch yourself.  It’s better to slide it off and on.  The magnets are strong enough to stack your palettes with or without the translucent lid.

The Negatives

– Return policy sucks.  You can not return a product if it has been used or opened.

– Rumor has it their glosses aren’t the best if you’re not in the hunt for a sheer gloss.

– The range of matte brown shades isn’t extensive.

The swatch pictures below are one swipe and no primer.  NOTE:  The ‘shine’ finish shades may appear as if it’s sheer, but it isn’t.  They are perfect eyelid shades.  The flash of the camera washed out the color, which is typical.  (Coming soon is a massive post featuring swatches and comparisons of all my shadows.)

See swatches of Inglot shadows purchased after this post here and here.