Louise Young: Crease Brush Comparison


Here is a quick post on another set of Louise Young brushes.  I’ve had my eyes on her socket brushes for a while but held off.   I was more intrigued with the mini brush, but got the others for comparison (and because I, at times, lack self-control).  Hopefully you find the picture helpful.

L to R: Mac 217, Laura Mercier Eye Crease Brush, Louise Young LY12, Louise Young LY14, Hakuhodo crease brush, Louise Young LY13, Mac 219

The large socket brush (LY12) is indeed large.  I can still use it in my crease but I have to make sure I concentrate the color on the tip of the brush and the surrounding hairs; otherwise the color will go all over the place.  It’s a nice brush for me to use on outer corner to form a soft outer V.  If you have large eyes or a large lid space, this is a brush to consider.

The medium crease brush (LY14) is a nice brush for medium to small eyes or lid spaces.  For me, it will definitely provide a more defined crease color versus a splay of color because the brush is somewhat narrow.  It isn’t as wide as the Hakuhodo brush and has a more tapered tip.

The small crease brush (LY13) is fun brush to have for all eye shapes.  It is smaller than the Mac pencil brush, which for me was too big to place shadow below my lower lash line.  It isn’t as compact or stiff like the Mac 219, which makes blending easier.  It can also be used to add intricate detail to your eye look.

The price point is comparable to Mac $17 – $24 after the exchange rate.  These brushes are a tad bit scratchier than the blending brushes from my earlier Louise Young post (LY38’s).  For softness, the Hakuhodo takes the cake.  All things considered, either one of these brushes will be a nice compliment to anyone’s existing collection.  The brushes are very distinct from one another and aren’t easy dupes of your typical crease brushes from other makeup brush lines.

Avian Shapeshifter

This look features a Fyrinnae shadow.  I love Fyrinnae, but it’s a shame a lot of their shadows are no longer available.  Their blog explains why, but there are still a lot of good shadows left.  I could’ve sworn this shadow was still available for purchase when I did this look, but it isn’t.  The shadow is an Arcane Magic, so there isn’t an exact dupe; the closest I can think of is Mac’s Pink Bronze pigment.  I’ve recently picked this up, but it is yet to be added to The Swatch Bin.

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Products Used:
Eyebrows: Mac Eye brow Crayon – Spiked
Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel – Espresso
Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion
Base: Mac Coral Crepe Paint PotMac Soft Ochre Paint Pot
Highlighter: Mac Orb
Crease: Mac Naval
Lid: Fyrinnae Avian Shapeshifter
Inner Corner: Mac Ricepaper
Outer Corner: Mac Naval
Mac Shadow Lady
Upper Lash Line: Makeup Forever Aqua Liner – Black
Lower Lash Line: Mac Naval
Lower Waterline: Urban Decay 24/7 Liner – Midnight Cowboy
Mascara: Maybelline the Falsies – Very Black
Mac Prep and Prime – Lash
Foundation: Meow Cosmetics – Pampered Puss
Get This Look:

I love peach and coral eye shadows, but I find it difficult to get them to show up accurately; especially when there is gold shimmer.  It always seems the gold shimmer is very apparent but the coral/peach fades into my skin.  Mac’s Coral Crepe Paint Pot helps me wear these shades.  So I put Coral Crepe on my lid and up to my crease and blended Soft Ochre from my crease to my brow.

I used Hakuhodo’s crease brush and Naval (matte navy color) to form my Outer V.  I took the ‘V’ out a little further than I normally do to allow more lid space.  I also used a little bit of Shadow Lady (deep matte plum) to darken Naval.   With a fluffy brush, I used a skin tone shade (Mac’s Moleskin) to blend out the crease color.

I patted on Avian Shapeshifter onto my lid using a Mac’s 239 brush and blending it into my crease.  Since I used a colored base, I didn’t feel the need to use this shade wet.  With the same Mac 239, I used a little bit of Inglot’s #429 (pearl pale blue) to help with the transition between my crease and lid color.   The lid color flashes gold peach to a pink/brown peach depending on the light.  I couldn’t get this captured on  camera while on my eye.  See my Fyrinnae post for the color change for this shadow.