Fyrinnae Shimmers, Part 3

These colors are from a recent Fyrinnae haul.  I cheated a little and sneaked some Dualcolor shades in here.  They are identified.  As with the other Fyrinnae posts; the description in italics are taken directly from Fyrinnae’s website.  The rest are my two cents.

With the exception of ‘Bite Me’, I used Pixy Epoxy as a base.  For Bite Me, I used Urban Decay Primer Potion as this is a low-shimmer almost matte shade.  The swatches were applied heavily with my finger for the purposes of the camera.  Most of these colors are great as an overall wash of color on the lid.  The use of Pixy sets these shades on fire, but applied lightly over a typical shadow base…fantastic.

Orangutan Satin matte peach with a coppery tone.  Very pretty peach-orange shade that is great as an overall wash of color.
STFU Deep rich copper with copper sparkle.  On my skin tone, this is a lovely deep reddish-brown.
Half-Elf Hottie Soft gold with light purple highlight.  To me, this is a pale yellow versus gold.  The purple is there, but isn’t obviously apparent.
Sumatran Tiger Rosey peach with pale green highlights.  Another fantastic all-over lid color.  The green highlight isn’t showing up well for the camera, but it is definitely there.
Sake & Sashimi Rich shimmery bronze brown with green sparkle.  Unfortunately, the green didn’t want to be photographed, but it is very noticeable.
Druid Werewolf Medium / light golden brown with subtle shimmer. 
Bite Me Deep bright red with a slight red shimmer.  This shade is traffic light red.  I shied away from this color for a long time.  This shade can be used on the lips.  It will stain your brush.
Kitten In Heels Bright fuchsia with a violet and blue shimmer.
Cupcake Sprinkles Lavender with an aqua shimmer (dualcolor).  The aqua is coming across quite strong in the picture.  To the naked eye, the lavender is more apparent.
Blue Whale Cornflower / periwinkle pink with purple sparkly highlight (dualcolor).
Electro-Koi Vibrant orange with sparkle.  I love this shade.  I wish I picked it up sooner.  On my skin tone, without the Pixy, this is a lovely, calmer beautiful orange.  A fantastic summer all over wash shade.
Bifrost Brilliant yellow with yellow and pale blue and green sparkle.
Kamikaze Fire engine red with red sparkle.  Fyrinnae’s description makes this shade sound so scary, but the shade is beautiful and very wearable on the eyes.  The red sparkle comes across a little pink, which tones the color down a bit.

Electric Stardust

This is a recreated look I wore this past Friday.  I woke up late and was in a rush (more than usual).  When I’m in a rush, I always depend on Fyrinnae for quick and effortless pretty look.  I didn’t use the Pixy Epoxy base when I go to work, but I did for this post.  PE really helps the ‘glow’ of these shadows come through in pictures.

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Products Used:
Eyebrows: Mac Eyebrow Crayon -Spiked Maybelline Clear Mascara (used as brow gel)
Primer: NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow BaseFyrinnae Pixy Epoxy
Highlighter: Mac Vanilla (not pictured*)
Crease: Mac Tete-a-Tint (not pictured*)
Outer Corner: Fyrinnae – Madam & Eve’s
Lid: Fyrinnae – Electric Stardust
Upper Lashline: Mac Pearlglide – Petrol Blue
Upper Waterline:Lower Lashline: Mac Eye Kohl – SmolderMac Pearlglide – Petrol Blue
Lower Waterline: Mac – I Get No Kick
Lash Primer: Mac Prep and Prime Lash
Mascara: Maybelline the Falsies – Very Black
Foundation: Everyday Minerals – Tan
Blush: NARS – Gilda

*Pictures of these shadows are posted already.  Run a search to view.

Get This Look:

I filled in my brows with the Mac crayon.  I typically use Anastasia’s pencil during the day.  I recently purchased this hoping it will show up better in pictures.  The Anastasia pencil is better to the naked eye because it isn’t painfully obvious that I’ve filled them in.  In photos, it doesn’t look like I’ve done much of anything.

I used my go-to NARS shadow primer in my crease and up to my brow.  I applied Tete-A-Tint on my crease and up to my brow bone with a Mac 217.  I put on my highlight shade with a Mac 239 and blended it down.

I then apply the Pixy Epoxy on my lid.  With the same 239 brush, I pressed Fyrinnae’s Electric Stardust color into my brush and patted it on the inner two-thirds of my lid.  I concentrated the color on my lower lid and tapped it lightly up to my crease blending it in with Tete-A-Tint.

Using the other side the 239, I lightly pressed the darker Fyrinnae shade onto my brush.  I use the tip of the brush to create an angled outer edge and patted the color over to the light green.  I took the 217 with a little more Tete-A-Tint and blended out the hard edges.  Some of the color got wiped away so I repeated the application process with the lid shades.

Although not shown in the pictures, I kept the rest of my face neutral.  NARS Gilda blush is a coral shade.  The lip color I chose is a rose-brown shade.  My lips are extremely pigmented so the color looks brown with a hint of pink.

Fyrinnae Dualcolors, Part 1

Fyrinnae describes its Dualcolor shadows as shades that have more than one distinctive hue, often a highlight contrast shimmer over a deeper color.  (Not a color-changing shadow.)

The swatches are over Pixy Epoxy.

Italicized comments are Fyrinnae’s descriptions taken from their website, the rest are my own.

1 – Catrina Cabaret Deep cool teal with a pink-purple highlight and sparkle.
2 – Wicked Deep, dark purple with turquoise shimmer.
3 – Javan Rhino Vibrant turquoise with lavender-pink highlight.
4 – Digital Faerie Sky blue with green shimmer.
5 – Anemone Sea foam green with pale gold shimmer.
6 – Danse Macabre Bright yellow green with gold highlight that looks very close to chartreuse green.
7 – Dressed To Kill Gilded green with flashes of gold and green sparkle. I also see flashes of blue sparkle.
8 – Aztec Gold Coppery gold over green base. The shade is a rich bright gold over an olive green base.