Make Up Forever Empty Magnetic Palette

Make Up Forever Empty Magnetic Palette

Make Up Forever Empty Magnetic Palette

If you’re a lover of makeup, good organization and storage is essential. As my collection grew or rather my eye shadow addiction solidified itself, storing my shadow pans into palettes is a must.  I’ve tried a couple of different palettes over the years and considered the popular Z Palette, but meh.  I discovered Make Up Forever’s empty magnetic palette a long time ago and haven’t looked back.

Their palettes are HUGE…24x14cm (around 9×5” for the metric challenged).  It holds 24 Make Up Forever-sized shadows or 45 Mac-sized shadows.  There is plenty of room to play with, whether it is all shadows or a mix of shadows and blush.  The metal casing makes it very durable.  More importantly, it’s thin and that is a big space-saving plus.

MUFE palette 2MUFE palette 3

This is a great product no matter the size of your collection, but it does have some annoyances.  It isn’t the easiest to open for those who want to avoid breaking a nail or chipping polish.  So, I cut a strip from an index card and taped it to the inside of the lid.  I let an inch hang outside of the palette that easily pops the lid open and also doubles as a label.  Secondly, this palette can’t be purchased online or in your local Sephora.  (HUGE UPDATE 11/2014:  The palette is available online at Sephora!!)  You have to call a stand-alone store and order over the phone.  I have called the location in New York City several times with zero issues.  Annoyance is a strong word, given this palette only cost $14!

(The photo of the Mac palette is their old version.)