Estée Lauder Pure Color Five Color Eyeshadow Palette

There are eight five color palettes in Estee Lauder’s permanent line, priced at $48 for 7.6g of product.  Each palette contains four different finishes (matte, shimmer, satin and metallic).  The individual shades do not have names; however, Estee Lauder conveniently puts a swatch of the palette on the back.  It’s a nice touch if you can’t remember the palette name.  One annoyance is these buggers are hard to open, especially if you’re trying to save your nail varnish.  Outside of that, they really are nice.  I didn’t experience any pigmentation or fading problems with any of the palettes.  The matte, shimmer and satin shades are buttery soft and blend easily.  Some of the metallic shades have a gritty texture, which may create fallout issues if you don’t tap off your brush.

Desert Heat (#05) EL Desert Heat palette

EL Desert Heat arm swatch

The first shade is a creamy white shade with a satin finish.  Mac’s Sweet Joy (LE) is the closest dupe I have.  The second shade is a medium brown with a shimmer finish.  Mac’s Texture is close, but it’s darker and has a redder undertone.  The third shade is very light brown with a matte finish.  Mac’s Soft Brown is similar, but darker with more of a peach undertone.  The forth shade is a metallic taupe brown with silver flecks.  Urban Decay’s Mushroom is similar.  The fifth shade is a matte dark brown.  Mac’s Brown Down is close.

Bronze Dunes (#08) EL Bronze Dunes palette

EL Bronze Dunes arm swatch

The first shade is shimmery vanilla shade.  Mac’s Short Shorts (LE) is close, while Mac’s Manilla Paper is more yellow.  The second is a cream color with yellow undertones; it has a shimmer finish.  Nar’s Isolde is close, but lighter.  The third shade is a matte medium brown similar to Mac’s Swiss Chocolate.  The forth shade is a metallic copper with silver sparkle.  Mac’s Amber Lights is close minus the silver sparkle.  The last shade is a dark brown with a satin finish.  Inglot #325 is similar, but has a matte finish.

Emerald Oasis (#09) EL Emerald Oasis palette

EL Emerald Oasis arm swatch

The first shade is a matte white with a slightly greenish undertone.  The green undertone makes this shade unique.  It isn’t something you’d notice right off, but it blends well with the other colors in the palette.  The second shade is a blue-based medium green with a satin finish.  Rock & Republic’s Jaded (DC) is similar.  The third shade is a medium dark brown with a satin finish.  Mac’s Bronze is similar.  The forth shade is a yellow-based medium green with a shimmer finish.  It’s a shade that leans olive…almost.  I don’t have anything in my collection close to it.  The fifth shade is a metallic green with blue sparkle on a dark base.  Fyrinnae’s Dark Fantasy is close, but has more sparkle.

Blue Dahlia (#01)

EL Blue Dahlia palette swatch

EL Blue Dahlia arm swatch

The first shade is a metallic white with a peachy pink undertone and pale blue sparkle.  I would use this shade has a brow highlight, but it would be great for the inner corner.  The blue sparkle had a tendency to fly away.  I don’t have anything in my collection similar to it, but perhaps Mac’s Reflects Turquoise is close.  The second shade is a dark teal, with a satin finish.  Estee Lauder’s Ultra Marine is similar in color, but has a metallic finish.  The third shade is a brown-based taupe with a shimmer finish.  theBalm’s Insane Jane from the Shady Lady Volume 2 or Selfish from the nude’Tude palette are close.  The forth shade is dark blue with a shimmer finish.  This shade didn’t swatch nicely, but works better on the eye.  Inglot’s #483 is similar, but more pigmented.  Urban Decay’s Evidence is purple and Mac’s Deep Truth is brighter.  The last shade is a matte black.  It is a nice dark black, but Makeup Forever’s #4 and Urban Decay’s Blackout is darker.