Hourglass Lip Stylo

Are you in the mood for a colored lip balm? How about a moisturizing lip stick good enough for the chronically lip balm addicted? If so, you’ve got to try Hourglass Lip Stylo’s. They are castor seed oil based with shea butter and jojoba oil. The formula isn’t thin, so there isn’t a slick feeling when applying with the quick disappearing act. It also doesn’t feel thick or heavy. The pigmentation is great, last hours and leaves a stain behind. The downside is eventually, the nice tip will wear down and it may be a challenge to apply from the bullet for those with thin lips. There is no discernible taste or smell. The packaging is lovely and has a nice weighty feel, but is fingerprint prone.

L to R: Warrior, Liberator, Protector

L to R: Protector, Liberator, Warrior

1 – Protector is a purple-pink with good pigmentation and buildable color.

2 – Liberator is a warm medium pink with good pigmentation and buildable color.

3 – Warrior is a dark cherry with great pigmentation in the first pass.

These retail for $32 and have 2.5g each.

Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss

L to R: #754 Opulence, #756 Chilli, #724 Burnt Sugar, #752 Bitter Orange

L to R: #754 Opulence, #756 Chilli, #724 Burnt Sugar, #752 Bitter Orange

#754 (Opulence) – A cinnamon red with red shimmer.

#756 (Chilli) – An intense, bright pink red with minute shimmer that doesn’t come across when worn.

#724 (Burnt Sugar) – A sheer pinky brown with rose-gold shimmer. This shade is very sheer on my lips, but is a nice neutral. It would be a lovely shade for those with a lighter lip color.

#752 (Bitter Orange) – An intense red orange with minute gold shimmer. Like Chilli, the shimmer is barely noticeable when worn.


Chanel has discontinued its Glossimer range. If you were a fan like me, I’ll give you time to mourn.

The new Rouge Coco glosses are promoted as a non-stick, light formula that has coconut oil and vitamin E. It also supposed to smooth and plump the lips. They can be mixed together or layered over lipstick to enhance or slightly alter the shade.

Glossimers were nice to wear, but these are much more comfortable and moisturizing. I actually went the whole day wearing this on its own without needing to reapply lip balm, which is a big deal for me. I found that these bleed into my lip lines, so a clear lip liner is a must.

The wand has changed as well. It is fatter and thicker and much easier to use if you have full lips. It picks up more product, which allows for full coverage without dipping the wand two or three times.

There is a very light floral scent, which will be a turn off for some. It definitely isn’t as strong as Mac’s Vanilla scent, but it is there. It doesn’t bother be, but if you’re sensitive…beware.

The packaging is similar to the Glossimers, but with a thinner gold decorative band.

These can be found at Chanel counters or online for $30 (5.5g). Most of the shades are permanent with the exception of Impulsion (#776), Caviar (#778) and Fragola (#742).

754 Opulence

754 Opulence

756 Chilli

756 Chilli

724 Burnt Sugar

724 Burnt Sugar

752-Bitter Orange

752-Bitter Orange

Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet

Matte lips have been the craze for a while. Not just matte, but clay facial mask…matte. My lip balm addicted lips quiver at the thought of wearing such a drying product. The Burberry Liquid Lip Velvets are a happy medium.

Black Cherry #57 Bright Plum #49

Black Cherry #57; Bright Plum #49

It has a whipped formula that is supposed to be comfortable, non-drying that won’t fade, dry or crack. I wouldn’t call them moisturizing in the traditional sense, but it has enough silicones in the formula to prevent it from sucking the life out of your lips. I didn’t experience any cracking and it maintained matte/velvet finish.

The pigmentation in the Liquid Lip Velvet’s is awesome. I was blown away with the first swipe. The color stays intense for hours, but needs fixing up after meals. It also leaves a nice stain behind.

L: Black Cherry #57 R: Bright Plum #49

L: Black Cherry #57
R: Bright Plum #49

When initially applying the product, it has a slippery feel that stays around for quite some time. The slip feels comes from the silicones, which feels good initially, but after an hour or two, I was reaching for my lip balm. It isn’t a perfect lip product for me, but if you’re looking for a more manageable matte finish, these should be considered.

The Burberry Liquid Lip Velvets are $34 for 6mL.

Black Cherry #57

If your lips are naturally dark brown like mine, #57 comes off as a really, really dark brown. There is no hint of “cherry”.


Bright Plum #49