GoodBuy 2017

My GoodBuy posts talks about products I picked up this year that I really liked, but didn’t get blogged about. That is not saying much since I had very little time to post this year. This trend is going to continue into 2018 since I’ve gone back to school and my make up purchases are going to slow down… a lot.

Pat McGrath Lipsticks

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Pat McGrath deserves her own post. This beautiful sista hails from the UK and is the most sought-after makeup artist in the world. You can read more about her twenty-year career spanning runways, advertising campaigns and editorials here. She launched her luxury makeup line that is awesome, but pricey. I only purchased her lipsticks, which are fabulous. When it comes to makeup, there is nothing better than a great product in fantastic packaging. Pat first launched her matte lipstick line first. Admittedly, when I saw pictures of the lipstick bullet, it looked dry so I shied away. I’m not a huge fan of matte lipsticks, but I have enjoyed them as long as they aren’t drying. My resolve was weakened by the packaging and picked up a trio. I can confirm the mattes are not drying. They are intensely pigmented and very comfortable to wear as well as the Luxetrance (satin finish). They have great staying power and can survive a couple of meals.

The packaging is simply lovely, including the box they come in. The lipstick case has a good heft to it. The liptstick bullet is aligned with the gold lips, so when applying, they always face out. There is a satisfying “click” when closing the top. (I can’t be the only one who loves to hear a good, firm “click” when closing a makeup product.)

They retail for $38 and can be purchased on her site or at Sephora.

1 – Major Red #419 (Luxetrance) Cool Red
2 – Strangé #420 (Luxetrance) Brick Red
3 – Exxotica #430 (Luxetrance) Violet-based burgundy
4 – McMenamy #200 (Mattetrance) Deep burgundy
5 – Antidote #207 (Mattetrance) Magenta violet
6 – Deep Void #210 (Mattetrance) Deep blackened purple

MZ Wallace Large Savoy Cosmetic Bag

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My time to apply makeup in the morning got a lot shorter as my little one got older and became more mobile. This required that I take more makeup with me to apply on my commuter train. I was taking a couple of small makeup bags, but that system got old and I needed to be more organized. It took a while to search and find the right bag for me and the MZ Wallace Large Savoy is it. I love it. It has enough pockets to help me stay organized and enough room in the main compartment to hold what I need with space to spare. I’ve never understood why the majority of makeup bags on the market are one big well off empty space. Your products stay in an unorganized pile where you’re constantly digging to search for things and the packaging gets scratched and dusty. This bag allows for separate compartments for my lipsticks, makeup brush case (more on that later), multiple small palettes, my mirror and pencils. The large main compartment is long enough to hold long palettes like Urban Decay’s Heat palette.  The zippers are nice and sturdy. The material is easy to clean. Depending on the material, this bag can run from $65 to $85.

Coloured Raine

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Coloured Rained is a cruelty-free brand I tried this year for the first time. What drew me to the brand was their red lipstick, Cherry Blossom. It is fabulous and quickly became on my favorite list. I tried a couple more shades, but they are not my favorite. My one gripe with the brand is the swatch colors on their site is a little off. The lip shades were lighter than expected for my skin tone. The quality is still nice. They are very pigmented. The company promotes these as having a satin finish, but on the lip, they look and feel more matte. The lipsticks are priced at $17.

I’m very impressed by their eyeshadow, at least with the three I purchased. They are very pigmented, blend well and have staying power (though I always wear primer). The color selection isn’t as vast as I would like, but if they remain true to quality, so be it. The shadows come in pan form and retail for $6.99.

Art Pencil Case

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As mentioned, I love staying organized. Since I’ve invested in good makeup brushes, the last thing I want to do is let them roam free in a makeup bag. I never like the idea of storing them in a soft bag that can’t protect the bristles or the handle. A hard-case art pencil container is perfect for makeup brushes while on the go. It is long enough to hold Mac brushes, which are pretty long, but anything longer will not fit. This case is wide enough to hold five brushes on each side. The hard shell keeps the brushes safe and my makeup bag clean. The case I have by Kuuqa is perfect and cheap ($8 on Amazon). Other brands make these types of cases as well and various sizes are available.


Fyrinnae Arcane Magic – Exquisites


I had been quite busy for the past couple of months and I dropped the ball on keeping up with the latest with Fyrinnae shadows. By the time I saw their new Arcane Exquisites on their site, a few were sold out and I had to wait. So, I’m late, but I hope the pictures are helpful.

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Fyrinnae released five new shadows that are part of their Arcane Magic, Exquisites line, which is a variation of their Arcane’s and are supposed to have a stronger color change. This upgrade in performance for these shades resulted in an increase in price to $15 (3g) over the normal $8.40.

Fryinnae’s site states the type of lighting used to view these shades will impact the depth of the color change. I used different lighting to take the photos for this post. I’m able to catch a lot of the color variances, but I don’t see everything that is detailed in their shade descriptions. I didn’t swatch the shimmer shades on a sticky base as Fyrinnae suggests because that isn’t my practice in real life. I can’t recall the last time I used Fyrinnae’s Pixy Epoxy on my eye as the effect is too intense or glitter ball-ish for what I want.

The color shift on each of these shades is incredibly strong and distinct, which is great. They look different from each other while in the pot, but when applied, there were close similarities to the color shift (explained below). I found this disappointing given the higher price tag and the fact that there are only five shades in total with this formula. They should be distinctly different shadows to make each one special.

1 – Stained Glass, is described as a vivid deep emerald green turns teal then blue, then purple, then bright pink, then orange. It has a metallic finish with no sparkle. I see the green, teal, purple and blue, but I don’t see the pink or orange. This shade is similar to Lava in The Ocean.

2 – Through the Prism, is described as a sparkling bright pink turns copper then gold then chartreuse then Kelly green. It has a sparkling metallic finish. I see all of these shifts except for the Kelly green.  Fyrinnae’s site says this shade is similar to Symphonic but sparkly and green phase is not as deep.

3 – Ravishing, is described as a deep grey-blue (with hints of teal away from light), then turns violet, purple, magenta, warm pink, orange, gold, yellow-green, to a deep lime at a sharp angle. It has a shimmery metallic finish. I was excited to see this one as the description reads like a rainbow on your eye lid without trying. Unfortunately, my rainbow ends at magenta. I don’t see any pink, orange, gold or green.

4 – Lava in The Ocean, is described as a deep lime green on a slight blue tint that turns turquoise to silver then bright pink, and hints of the blue show through. It has a sparkling metallic finish. Though the color shift is strong, it is too similar to Stained Glass. I don’t see any hint of silver or bright pink (unless my definition of bright pink is different from Fyrinnae’s).

5 – Symphonic, is described as a deep magenta turns reddish pink, then orange, then gold, then chartreuse, then rich emerald. It has a metallic finish. I don’t see orange or emerald green. To me, the color shift between this shade and Through the Prism isn’t significant enough to warrant a separate shadow.

As a side note: Fyrinnae states its loose shadows are not free-flowing dry powder, but contain synthetic oil and other ingredients which cause them to appear clumpy or sometimes form tiny balls of shadow (easily used as-is or crushed).

Make Up Forever Metal Pro Palette

I was a huge fan of the large metal empty palettes that I blogged about in this post in 2013. I have a handful of them and a couple to spare. I’m thankful I do because this new version Make Up Forever has released is sub-par. I wish I kept the receipt so I could return it. The palettes have changed over the years and not for the better. If you prefer having a window and didn’t own any prior version, you may forgive or perhaps not even notice the missteps with this release.

The window is a thin piece of plastic that scratches easily and doesn’t feel stable. It’s not the hard plastic you see in empty quads from Mac or Anastasia Beverly Hills. The plastic area of the lid gives when you pick up the palette and even just press on it lightly. The plastic reminds me of what you see for food containers. The lid completely detaches from the base, where the prior versions the lid was attached. The metal case itself feels a little thinner than the prior versions as well, but that could be my annoyance talking.

The previous palettes were nice and thin, which was great for storage purposes. The subsequent versions were much thicker (see my 2016 post), but at least it came with a protective foam insert to keep the shadows in place. This new version is minimally thinner and has no foam. Yes, foam would defeat the purpose of the window, but the extra space within the palette may lead to damage to the shadows if jostled or dropped.

Both the medium and extra-large palettes hold less shadows than their predecessors. The medium holds 15 Mac sized shadows or 8 large round pan shadows (such as the now discontinued Make Up Forever shadows). The extra-large palette holds 36 Mac sized shadows or 27 large round pans. Typical, that the quality has diminished, but the price has gone up. The medium palettes are $18 and the extra-large are $30. (This compared to the $11 for the older large pans).

Ugh. I wish I kept the receipt.