GoodBuy 2019

My annual GoodBuy posts are a roundup of items I purchased over the year but didn’t blog about. Thankfully, 2019 saw the end of my two-year school program, so I’ll have more time to blog. However, that also means my makeup budget will be replaced by my student loan. So, my blog posts will shift from new products to…I’ll figure that out later. Until then, Happy New Year!

The Adept Palette

Being in school during the past two years, made me realize how unorganized my makeup collection was. I had clear drawer organizer trays, and everything had its place, but in those places was a mess.  It took too long to find what I was looking for because I had to open several products or palettes to find certain shades. One problem was how I had my eyeshadows organized. I have several old blog posts on my favorite but sadly discontinued, extra-large magnetic Makeup Forever palettes. I used them to hold and organize my eye shadows based on how I used them (lid shade, outer corner, crease, etc.). That system worked for a while, but I outgrew the MUFE palettes, and the shadows got mixed. I’m glad The Adept Palette has helped me get organized for 2020. (I will write a separate makeup organization post.)

The Adept Palette is an inch-thick magnetic palette that folds open and includes a clear plastic divider. says it can hold “over 100 standard-size, round eyeshadow pans; over 95, 26.7 mm round pans, 45, 37mm round pans, or 15, 59mm round pans.” These measurements are a decent starting point to determine how many palettes you will need. However, it’s not helpful if you have different sizes to combine.  The pro of this palette is it holds a lot of shades. I have shadows of different sizes in my Adept palettes, but it holds more than twice as much as my old MUFE palettes. Another pro is the divider, which keeps the palette clean from shadows on the other side. The Adept Palette is made of a thick plastic that feels very sturdy. The palette comes packaged with a thin cloth sleeve. I decided to store my palettes in the sleeve to provide a layer of cushion between my other Adept palettes.

For some users, a con is the weight of the palette while empty. It has some weight to it; however, the product would not be sturdy and long-lasting if it were cardboard or thinner plastic. The magnet is strong for shadows in metal containers. The magnet is weak for pan-only Mac shades that come with the magnet on the back. However, Mac shades slid around the MUFE palette as well. The other con is potentially scrapping shadows with your nail while grabbing the divider. This issue can be avoided by leaving a gap between shadows, but I addressed it by folding a piece of tape to pull on that is long enough to hang a bit outside of the palette. I used a similar system on the MUFE palettes to help quickly remove its plastic protective cover.

The Adept Palette can be purchased on the company’s website ($32) or Amazon ($34), and shipping was quick. Currently, there are three colors available, black, bright pink, and pale peach. The company’s website has pictures of a bright blue, and dark purple option, but I believe these color options are discontinued. I’ve enjoyed these palettes as it gave me more space to hold recently depotted singles, duos, and pre-made palettes without taking up more space.

(TIP: My latest depotting experience used the oven method. It was the easiest and quickest method I’ve tried.)

Lisa Eldridge Lipsticks

Skyscraper Rose

Lisa’s lipsticks made my favorite list last year and she’s back for 2019. Over the spring/summer, she released a range of pink shades. I only picked up one from that release, Skyscraper Rose, and it has become my favorite go-to pink. According to, this shade is described as “an electrically modern fuchsia pink.” It goes on to say the formula is “pigmented and so creamy, a truly dreamy texture that glides on seamlessly and gives 100% full coverage with a demi-matte finish and weightless feel.” Skyscraper Rose is very pigmented and gives me complete coverage in one swipe. This cool-toned, blue-pink shade brightens my face and has been a great shade for summer through winter. The color is long-lasting, feels lightweight and leaves a nice stain behind.

The Deep Velvet Collection

Velvet Myth

Velvet Decade

Velvet Midnight

Lisa expanded her lipstick line this fall and offered neutral and berry shades. The Deep Velvet Collection was a limited trio released as part of that larger collection. The trio is sold out; however, the individual shades remain available. The trio also came with a thick velvet makeup bag that is still available for individual purchase as well. I selected this trio as it included the deeper shades out of the collection. The Deep Velvet trio included Velvet Decade (described as a deep cocoa brown with warm and cool undertones), Velvet Myth (described as a mulberry color), and Velvet Midnight (a deep blackberry). The lipsticks in this fall collection are part of her velvet line, which all have a cool “velvet” looking finish to the lipstick bullets. All shades were very pigmented with full coverage in one swipe. Velvet Myth gets deeper with two swipes and appears redder when dabbed on.

All of Lisa’s lipsticks are 100% cruelty-free and cost £26 for 3.5g. Every purchase from her site arrived quickly.

L to R: Skyscraper Rose, Velvet Myth, Velvet Decade

L to R: Velvet Myth, Velvet Decade, Velvet Midnight

The pictures of the lipsticks are accurate, but the lights washed out the lipstick swatches. All the shades are darker.


Sydney Grace – Cream Shadows

3-Master Plan
4-Cliff Jumping
5-Warm Weather

5-Warm Weather
6-The Scoop
7-The Deep Love
8-Sugar Plum Fairy

I blogged about Sydney Grace’s powder shadows last year. The price point is fantastic, and the quality is really good and pretty consistent. The brand had a sale over the holidays, so I decided to try some of their cream shadows. The cream shadows come in a squeeze 10 ml tube. Sydney Grace cream shadows are $8 and come with a lot of product for the price.

I was really impressed with the performance of these. I own cream shadows with three times as much that crease on me by the end of the day, with primer. I did not experience any creasing or fading with this product. The company says this product dries down quickly and apply the shade one eye at a time. I definitely agree with this statement and you only need a tiny amount. There is time to apply the product to the lid and blend out toward the crease but work fast. I use a Mac 242 brush with all my cream products and apply a very small amount directly to the bristles before blending it onto my eye. I waited until most of the product was applied to the lid before blending out the crease as much as I could with the Mac 242.

I would suggest these products be stored right-side up. I initially had them lying flat and too much product came out of the tube with a light squeeze.

  1. Candlelight is described as a light pink.
  2. Boardwalk is described as a beige pink.
  3. Master Plan is described as a pink with lavender and a green shift.
  4. Cliff Jumping is described as a metallic taupe.
  5. Warm Weather is described as warm pink.
  6. The Scoop is described as a Neutral brown with a shimmer finish.
  7. The Deep Love is described as a deep burgundy. In-person, this appears more of a brownish-red.
  8. Sugar Plum Fairy is described as a red-purple.
  9. Splendor is described as a dark teal. (I can’t pass up a beautiful deep teal. Though this shade is the most problematic out of the shades I purchased. It can apply streakily and may need a second thin layer.)

Mented Cosmetics


Mented Cosmetics is a black-owned company that makes a line of lipsticks that includes nude shades for makeup lovers of color. What is great about the lipsticks is the company offers the same nude colors in two finishes…matte, semi-matte. The line also offers matte red shades that would look good on a variety of skin tones.

This brand has done an excellent job of providing a wide range of nude lipsticks for brown skin. Many lines offer one or two browns that are either too light for me or are dark chocolate. The website,, shows multiple shades of women to make it easier wearing the same shade.

  1. Mented #5 (semi-matte) is described as a nude shade that blends brown, purple, and pink.
  2. Foxy Brown (semi-matte) is a muted brownish-red.
  3. Red Carpet (matte) is described as a classic red with blue undertones.
  4. Red Rover (matte) is described as a deep red with blackberry undertones.

The lipsticks have no scent nor discernible taste. The lipsticks are pigmented and apply smoothly, the semi-matte applies better. The matte doesn’t drag on and feels comfortable as well. The packaging is sophisticated, with a shape similar to Mac, but rubberish. I’m hoping it does not end up like the old-style rubber packaging like Nars, which disintegrates over time. The casing of the matte shades has a black logo on the casing, while the semi-matte colors have a gold logo. All lipsticks are vegan, paraben-free, non-toxic, cruelty-free, and made in the USA. They are priced at $16.50 (semi-matte) and $18 (matte). The brand offers a trio of the matte red shades for $50.

The pictures of the lipsticks are accurate, but the lights washed out the lipstick swatches. All the shades are darker.

Mented #5 and Foxy Brown

Red Carpet and Red Rover


I was less impressed with the glosses, but the gloss performed as the brand describes. The brand’s glosses are sheer, with zero shimmer, feel moisturizing and are not sticky. The company says the shades are buildable and recommend three coats, but I have naturally dark lips and struggle to get decent color from these. It’s more a hint of color on me, but I may be a special case. The glosses are lightly scented but have no taste. The glosses are $15 but sets of four are available for $50.

  1. #1 Cran is described as a cranberry color.
  2. Mauve Over is a mauve shade.
  3. Berry Me is a medium brownish berry color.
  4. Baby Brown is a dark brown.
  5. Send Nudes is a tan shade.
  6. Coralition is a warm peachy-coral.
  7. Pink About Me is a pale pink.

I purchased the first four shades as part of a set. The last three, I would not have gravitated to as they are too light in color for my taste. However, these shades were packaged with what I purchased. Call it a happy accident. Thanks.

Flytianmy Drawer Organizers

As mentioned earlier, my makeup collection had outgrown my organization. My lipsticks were divided by basic color and somewhat by undertone. However, items were in small piles, in sandwich bags, and dumped in bins. Having a large, unorganized collection of anything is not a good situation and it left me feeling overwhelmed. Along with the Adept Palettes, these drawer dividers (purchased on Amazon) brought me such organized peace. In my research, I saw YouTubers use these dividers to house individual lipstick shades. I don’t find that level of organization helpful, but these dividers…are great. I removed my old Container Store clear bins, lined my drawers and installed these drawer organizers. The Container Store bins are good and sturdy but didn’t allow me to effectively use all my drawer space. The drawer organizers allowed me to customize the sections I needed. I was able to divide my blush by color versus by the brand and my lipstick by color family and light and dark shades within that color family. These organizers were easy to install but took a little effort to cut. I used a box cutter to score the sections I needed. My drawer system is metal mesh drawers from the Container Store. The weight of a lot of makeup makes the drawer dip in the middle. As such, I felt the need to tape down these dividers to ensure it stayed in place. If your drawers are flat, this will not be an issue. The plastic is sturdy. Happy organizing!

Tamanu Oil

I’ve been adding new oils to my skin routine. One is Tamanu Oil, which I started using about a year ago. I forget how I originally heard of the oil, but when I do hear of a great oil for controlling acne, I’ll research it for my skin. I learned tamanu oil is extracted from the fallen nuts from the Tamanu tree that is indigenous to the islands in French Polynesia, South Pacific, and Indian Oceans. It’s not the cheapest oil, but if you use it sparingly like I do, it can last about six months. I only use this oil on my face and neck in the evening. There are a couple of bottles pictured. One is from Pur 360 (available from Amazon) that is around $13 for 1oz. The Mountain Rose Herbs 4oz bottle cost $16. The reason why it isn’t the cheapest oil is it takes about 45 pounds of tamanu fruit to produce 2 pounds of oil. The oil has a deep nutty, woodsy scent that is mild. I’m not too sensitive to smells, so I’m not bothered by the scent at all.

Mountain Rose Herbs

Pur 360


Left: Pur 360
Right: Mountain Rose Herbs

Tamanu seed oil has significant antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities, which is good for those with acne and acne scars. Acne used to be a huge problem for me, but not so much anymore. I’ve learned how to control it with my diet, but when my diet slips, I don’t break out as much as I used to. I like to contribute that to my skincare routine. After a year of use (along with my grapeseed), I’ve noticed my pores are smaller.

I started using the Pur 360 and got through about 2.5 bottles. This brand is not organic. It is yellow in color, with a light nutty smell, and chemical taste. I noticed the chemical taste from my lips after applying. After about a year, the taste started to bother me and I wondered if it was from the extraction process. I recently purchased Mountain Rose Herbs version. Their Tamanu Oil is organic, dark green, a stronger nutty smell, and a slight chemical taste. I prefer this brand and will be using it going forward. The nutty smell doesn’t stick around if you’re sensitive to smells. This oil isn’t oily in the least. It absorbs very quickly and leaves my skin very soft.

From my research, there is fake or watered down tamanu oil. So, watch out for tamanu that is yellow or light in color and even black. You can read more about it here

Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer – Amande


The shade Amande (Med/Dark #3) is a perfect match to my skin tone (my first). It’s so close that I wear it with a full face of makeup and under my eyes with no other makeup on. Like a lot of people that struggle with concealing imperfections, the revolving door for concealers constantly spins. I’m hoping I will continue to enjoy this concealer. The product pictured is my second jar. I purchased the first on a whim, knowing I had a lot left remaining in my current trial and error concealers. Admittedly, I’m not good at tossing out a product that doesn’t work for me unless it breaks me out. I’ll try to make it work just to use it up. I started using the first jar by taking it to work for touch ups for when my eyeglasses mess up my concealer. I’ve also occasionally used it in the morning when I’m in a rush and I don’t have time for my old routine of mixing two concealers together.

This covers well and doesn’t slide around. I have oily skin, so I use a face primer underneath my undereye concealers. However, this concealer works for me when I have a blank face and no primer underneath. I don’t have fine lines around my eye, but I do have folds near the corner, where all concealers tend to gather and this one is no exception. Primers minimizes it, but I try to not put concealer in that specific area. Most importantly, this product doesn’t oxidize. I hope it continues to work for me going forward.

You get 6.2 g (0.2oz) for $30.