MAC Deep Dark Brunette Fluidline Brow Gelcreme

This post is to celebrate an empty container. It’s different than what I’ve written about before, but I love finishing a product. I find it so satisfying to hit pan or finish a product. This photo was taken over the holidays when I had more free time to blog. There is about two to three weeks of usage left, but by the time I post this, it will be empty.

I purchased the Fluidline Brow gel back when it was a new, limited addition product by MAC. I bought two because I planned to use them when I blogged eye shadow looks. Soon after, I changed the focus of my blog and stopped doing eye looks. So, the product sat in my refrigerator for a long time. A while ago, I committed myself to use and finish my brow gel. It took over a year of consistent use, but I finished one pot and have one more to go.

It was a nice product, but I won’t repurchase. It was tricky to get used to in the beginning. You can easily end up applying to much product. I have sparse brows with bald areas and found using a dark, pigmented gel made me nervous before each use. You have a little time to correct mistakes with a Q-tip or brow brush before it dries down. It’s not as forgiving as a powder. I found the gel to last all day without smudging on its own, but I also avoid rubbing my brows. The gel has been part of MAC’s permanent range for a long while. I’ve read some reviews of this product drying out on people. I managed to avoid that problem by depotting a week’s worth of product into a smaller container. Towards the end of the week, the little bit I took out would start to stiffen up.

I look forward to using up this second pot and going back to a powder brow product. MAC’s Fluidline Brow gel retails for $19 and contains 3g (0.10 US oz).


Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer – Walnut


(I prepared this post in January 2018 and planned to finish writing it and post it after using the product for a while. I clearly forgot…family and school completely took over. Here’s my original comments with my update afterward.)
Nars Walnut Concealer

Successfully concealing my undereye circles continues to evade me, but I’m hoping I’ve nailed it. (But I’ve said this before.) I’ve tried several concealers for my undereye area. In my GoodBuy 2016 post, I wrote that I finally found my product and shade – Mac’s Pro Longwear Concealer in NC45. I had been using it since that post and through all of 2017, although it wasn’t perfect and annoyed me at times. (It didn’t get along with every eye cream or gel I used. It would look great when I walked out the door in the morning, but slid off some spots before I sat down on my commuter train.) I stuck with my Mac because it covered my darkest area well and I wasn’t too thrilled with taking another expensive “concealer tour”.

Concealer Comp

L to R: Nars Walnut, Mac Pro Longwear NC45, Estee Lauder Double Wear in Deep

It wasn’t until I switched setting powders that I realized that Mac oxidizes and becomes too dark and peachy. Since my old setting powder counteracted the oxidizing, but left the eye area too cakey, so, I booked another concealer tour.

Thankfully, Nars added more shades to their concealer range and I picked up the shade Walnut. I had been using a lighter shade of Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Caramel on the outer portions of my undereye area so I was familiar and happy with the formula. Caramel is too light to cover my dark circles, but Walnut had enough deepness to get great coverage.


I’ve been using Walnut for all of 2018. I’m nearing the end of the tube pictured in this post and don’t plan on purchasing another. It’s too yellow, but I like the formula better than Mac. It’s pigmented enough to cover my dark undereye discoloration, but the shade doesn’t work for me. I’m still using Caramel on the outer portions of my eye, which has a slight discoloration. I primarily use Caramel to brighten that area. For my dark circles, I have been mixing Walnut and Mac’s Pro Longwear together for a color match (out of desperation and to use up both). I don’t enjoy mixing two heavy products for my undereye area. Despite wearing a face primer underneath, I still deal with the concealers settling in the creases in my inner corner. This formula stays put better than Mac because it’s a thicker formula, but I can’t wait to be done with both. I have another concealer waiting in the wings once I finish Walnut and Mac.


Fyrinnae – Fall 2018

I couldn’t let a year go by without blogging about Fyrinnae eye shadows. I still love them. Some are better than others, but it’s a brand that I will consistently buy every time a new shade comes out. I have a drawer full of them. This past fall, Fyrinnae came out with new Exquisite shades. Exquisites are a variation of their popular Arcane Magic eye shadows, but most have stronger color changes and lack an opaque contrasting base color like most of the original line. My swatches were applied on top of their Pixy Epoxy. A regular base will work just fine, but a sticky base intensifies the shades.

fyrinnae fall 2018

1. Infinite Depths (Exquisite) is described as a metallic forest green that becomes violet, pinky purple and magenta with gold sparkle. The color change is very strong on this shade, but the only time I see green is when it’s in the pot at a certain angle. However, when it’s applied, Fyrinnae says the wearer may not be able to see all the color changes. In my swatch, the color is more of a medium dark blue that changes to purple.

2. Keeper of Souls is described as a metallic burgundy-copper that changes to bronze, gold and chartreuse green. On my skin tone, this shade starts out as a burgundy brown that changes to a bronze and a bright olive green.  This shade is my favorite out of the bunch. I love the shades that gives you lid highlight, depth and shading in one step.

3. Undying Beauty is described as a vivid green that becomes golden peach then pink. There is a pale pink/peach peeking out in my swatch, but it is more visible at certain angles. On a regular base, the pink/peach is more apparent.

4. Temptress is a high sparkle shade that is described as a light pink that turns into a soft peach, then to a gold, green to an aqua. On my skin tone, the shadow starts out as a pale pink that changes to a green. The sparkle on this shade tends to travel, so take care during application.

5. Demon’s Armor is my least favorite of the bunch. If you’re a fan of very sparkly shades, you’ll like this one. The sparkles are a little too chunky for my taste. The color change is awesome, but on my skin, it is very similar to Infinite Depths, just a little darker. It is described as a deep teal green that turns to a blue-violet, bright pink and coppery gold. On my skin, I only see a medium dark blue to purple shift. The coppery gold can be seen at a sharp angle in the pot. Care should be taken with this shade as well as the sparkle is intense.

fyrinnae fall 2018 swatch 1fyrinnae fall 2018 swatch 2