Nars Blush 2020

Orgasm X



Nars recently added a handful of new blushes to their line. When I first got into makeup, Nars was my go-to blush line. Lately, I’ve tried to branch out and try other brands for a couple of reasons. One, I hate their packaging. Two, I’m upset Nars discontinued their Gilda blush and my one good dupe has been discontinued. Despite that, there were three shades that caught my eye.

Orgasm X – This shade is described as a shimmering deep coral with gold pearl. When I went to Sephora, my plan was to pick up a different shade. The original Orgasm blush was a glitter bomb on me, and I assumed this would be similar. It’s far from it. The shimmer is fine and provides a nice sheen to the cheek. The pink-coral shade is quite nice and is very pigmented. The color lasted all day on me with no discernible fading.

Savage – This shade is described as a shimmering red-brown. If you’re a friend of Mac’s Raizin, then you’ll like this color. This is Raizin’s shimmering cousin. Like Orgasm X, the shimmer is fine and gives off a lovely sheen to the cheek. It blended out well and gave me a sunkissed, fresh look. The shade lasted on me with no fading.

Aroused – This shade is described as a satin deep burgundy. It is a lovely color, with no shimmer. The shade is nicely pigmented but applied a little patchy. However, the patchiness can be smoothed over, but it’s easy too over apply. The color is really nice, but the application is tricky.

L to R: Orgasm X, Savage, Aroused

Other blushes worth noting…I picked up Coeur Battant during its limited release some time ago. It’s a beautifully bright, cool-toned fuchsia. It’s been re-released and made permanent and I believe the new version is the same as the original. I initially wanted to purchase Dominate as well, which is described as a shimmering deep plum. I swatched this a couple of times in Sephora but passed on it. The base color is nice, but the shimmer didn’t appear as fine and overtook the base color. If you’re into more metallic looking highlighters, you may like this shade. It was a bit much for my taste.

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder – Medium Deep

My shade range is close to Mac’s NC45. I’ve tried multiple powders claiming to be translucent and none of them are true. They all leave me looking ashy. I’ve tried “translucent” setting powders and oil control translucent primers from IT Cosmetics to Tarte, Fyrinnae and Meow Cosmetics to no avail. To set my undereye concealer, I had been mixing my loose powder foundation with one of my translucent powders, but I found it too heavy. When I saw this product on Sephora’s website I was very excited.  Unfortunately, the powder is too dark for my undereye area. The center of my face is a bit lighter than NC45. I’ve resorted to mixing this product with the powders in my translucent graveyard. This has been working well, but hopefully more color options will be available after I finish this jar. What’s great is you get a lot of product, but it isn’t cheap (29g for $39). If you think this will work for you, take full advantage of a Sephora sale.

Fyrinnae Arcane Magic Spring 2016


Fyrinnae’s most creative shadows are their Arcane Magic that changes color depending on the lighting and angle. I adore them. So, I was excited to try the newest Arcane’s that have a soft matte base. These shadows looked fantastic when viewing Fyrinnae’s swatches on their website, specifically the Gif. The shades look deep and rich with strong color shifts, per the Gif, but this is not what I saw when these arrived. Sadly, as a collection, these shades were disappointing.

DSC_1191 Fyrinnae Spring 2016

These shadows are simply unimpressive for an Arcane Magic release. Fyrinnae has released Arcane’s that will look like two distinct beautiful shades in one product, so the bar I’m grading these against is pretty high. I struggled to see the color change in some of these and others are color schemes that have been done many times before. The swatches on Fyrinnae’s website was done on a lighter skin tone. Perhaps my brown skin and the matte base colors of these do not play well with each other. I swatched these on top of Nars’ primer (above) and Fyrinnae’s Pixy Epoxy (here) didn’t get a better result.

1) Intergalactic Bookstore – is described as a brown matte with reddish-pink to green shimmer.  The matte base is a cool, ashy brown with a lot of shimmer. To my eye, the pink shimmer changes to gold. I don’t see the green as described.

2) Aphrodite’s Evening Gown – is described as a dark purple base with a satin finish and blue violet to pinkish red shimmer. To me, this shade changes from a red-purple to a blue-purple, but it isn’t a dramatic difference. The shimmer is very fine lending to the satin finish. The color reminds me of a discontinued Fyrinnae shade called Nevermore, which was not an Arcane.

3) Wild Imagination – is described as a dark peach matte base with golden green to turquoise blue shimmer. I didn’t see a color change to this shade at all, despite the many angles I tried. When I first saw the shade in the pot, I knew it was not going to resemble Fyrinnae’s Gif or arm swatch. If this were marketed as a regular peach shade with green shimmer, great. That is what it is. An Arcane Magic it’s not. If I have to do a handstand at a nightclub to see the color change, it’s pretty pointless.

4) Diamonds From Mars – Is a neutral pink matte with coppery-red shimmer which shifts to yellow-green. The minute copper shimmer makes this pink warm than neutral as Fyrinnae described. As with Wild Imagination, I don’t see the color change at all.

5) Prismatic Thunderstorm – Is described as a burgundy wine base with lime green to blue to purple shimmer. I don’t see the purple, but I do see the switch between green and blue. This type of shade whether it’s the blue or green shimmer has been done before (Mac’s Blue Brown pigment, Mac Club, Urban Decay Lounge, Makeup Forever Peacock / ME 302 and Ardency Inn Peacock).