Ultra Marine

Ah teal…there aren’t many colors I don’t like, but teals hold a special place.  Estee Lauder’s Ultra Marine is a ‘stop your heart’ blue-based teal.  It is a crime that it’s limited edition.

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Products Used:
Eyebrows: Mac Spiked Brow Crayon and Anastasia Espresso Brow Gel
Primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Base: Make Up Forever Aqua Cream – #21
Highlighter: INGLOT – #352
Inner Corner: Estee Lauder – Cyber Ice
Lid: Estee Lauder – Ultra Marine
Outer Corner: Urban Decay – Blackout
Crease: Mac – Saddle
Upper Lash Line: Mac – Feline
Lower Lash Line: Mac – Feline
Lower Waterline: Urban Decay – Psychedelic Sister
Mascara: L’Oreal Voluminous Faux Cils – Black
Foundation: Everyday Minerals – Toffee
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I used a teal base to get this color to show up better on camera, but it isn’t necessary for this eye shadow.   It is very pigmented.  The Aqua Cream is similar in color, but would have to be layered to get to the intensity of this shadow.  I applied the base with a synthetic brush on my entire lid and blended lightly up to my crease.  I used a skin-tone shade to blend out the edge of the Aqua Cream.  I used a wet (Mac’s Fix+) synthetic shader brush (Mac 242) to apply Ultra Marine on top of the base.   I ran both the base and shadow onto my lower lash line.

Using the other side of the Mac 242, I put Cyber Ice onto the inner corner and blended it over.  (This shade created a lot of fallout, so a smaller brush than a Mac 242 would’ve been a better tool.)  With a blending brush, I put Saddle into my crease, concentrating the color on the outer corner.   Using a crease brush (Louise Young LY14), I place a black shadow onto my outer corner, concentrating the color near the lash line.  I blended this shade up using the same blending brush.

Mac’s Feline liner is very black and smudges with or without your help.  I decided to give it a hand and smudged along my upper and lower lash line using a small smudging brush (SigmaE21).  For whatever reason, I grabbed a purple liner for my lower water line.  A bright green would’ve looked nice too.

Heart Breaker


This look features the new shadows in Sugarpills Heart Breaker quad.  The shades are very bright, but it is possible to turn this into a more wearable look by using a more neutral shade or brown in the crease and keeping the bright shades on the lid. 

This look also uses two of four new Makeup Forever Aqua Creams.  When the Aqua Creams were originally released a few years ago, there was a deep purple shade that was available for a brief period; then yanked off the US shelves.  Rumor was there was an ingredient used that was not allowed here in the States.  Either the formula was changed or the US lowered its standards, but yay for us it’s here.  Along with the purple (#26), Makeup Forever released a lime green (#23) and bright matte yellow (#24) and a pastel blue (#25).  Here are swatches of the Heart Breaker quad and two of the Aqua Creams and here for the palette.


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Products Used:
Eyebrows: Mac Brow Crayon – Spiked; Anastasia Brow Pencil – Brunette; Anastasia Brow Gel – Espresso
Primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Base: Makeup Forever Aqua Cream #26 and #23
Highlighter: Inglot #352
Inner Corner: Sugarpill Mochi
Lid: Sugarpill Acidberry
Outer Corner: Sugarpill Velocity and Makeup Forever #4
Crease: Sugarpill Velocity
Upper Lash Line: Milani Pencil – 01
Upper Waterline: Milani Pencil – 01
Lower Lash Line: Sugarpill 2AM
Lower Waterline: Milani Pencil – 01
Mascara: Maybelline Illegal Length – Very Black
Foundation: Everyday Minerals – Toffee
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I primed my lid using Too Faced Shadow Insurance (don’t fret Nars, you’re still my all-time favorite primer).  I applied the lime green aqua cream to my lid using a Mac 242 brush.  I used the other side of the same brush to apply the purple aqua cream underneath my eye and winging it out.  Using a Mac 239, I put Acidberry on my lid. 

Using a Rae Morris #12 brush, I applied Velocity to the outer corner, blending it into the green and the crease.   Using the other side of the #12 brush, I blended Mochi into the darker blue in the crease and over to the inner corner.  I used a skin tone shade to blend out the edges.

Using a small pencil brush, I applied 2AM over the purple aqua cream underneath my eye.  The purple was lightly blended in to the blue.  To give it a bit more depth, I softly added a matte black in between the blue and the purple.

Lorem Ipsum


It is always a treat when Fyrinnae puts out new shades.  They can make the most basic colors complex and unique.  Here are some swatches of their newer shades.  (See the Swatch Bin for shade names.)


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Products Used:
Eyebrows: Anastasia Brow Pencil – Dark Brown
  Anastasia Brow Gel – Espresso
  Mac Brow Crayon – Spiked
Primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Base: Mac – Soft Ochre Paint Pot
Highlighter: Urban Decay – Walk of Shame
Inner Corner: Fyrinnae – Half-Elf Hottie
Lid: Fyrinnae – Lorem Ipsum
Lid/Lash Line: Urban Decay – Blackout
Crease: Mac – Brown Down
Upper Lash Line: INGLOT Gel Liner – #77
Upper Waterline: INGLOT Gel Liner – #77
Lower Lash Line: Fyrinnae – Lorem Ipsum
  Urban Decay – Blackout
Lower Waterline: INGLOT Gel Liner – #77
Mascara: L’Oreal Voluminous False Lashes – Black
Foundation: Everyday Minerals – Toffee
Get This Look:

I started out by rubbing a small amount of Too Faced Shadow Insurance onto my lid.  I still use my beloved Nars primer for my daily makeup application, but I’ve switched to TFSI for blog posts.  Urban Decay’s Primer Potion isn’t what it used to be.  The new squeeze tube packaging is just as inconvenient as the old genie bottle packaging because the product dries out faster.   I applied a thin layer of Soft Ochre Paint Pot with a Sigma E55 so the colors will appear more vibrant for the camera.

I blended Brown Down into my crease with a Louise Young LY38 brush; concentrating the color toward the outer corner.  I blended out this shade using a skin tone color from my crease up to my brow.  I dabbed a little of Fyrinnae’s Pixy Epoxy to the lid with my finger to brighten the color.  I patted on Lorem Ipsum with a Mac 329 brush on to my lid and blended lightly into the crease color.  With a Sigma pencil brush, I applied the color to my lower lash line.  I blended Half-Elf Hottie into the inner corner using a small shader brush.

Using a small pencil brush (Louise Young LY13) I put Blackout onto my upper lash liner and blended it up.  This shade was also a put on to my lower lash line.  I darkened my upper and lower lash line by using INGLOT’s gel liner.  I cleaned up the outer corner of my using Bioderma and a Q-tip.