Tamanu Oil

I’ve been adding new oils to my skin routine. One is Tamanu Oil, which I started using about a year ago. I forget how I originally heard of the oil, but when I do hear of a great oil for controlling acne, I’ll research it for my skin. I learned tamanu oil is extracted from the fallen nuts from the Tamanu tree that is indigenous to the islands in French Polynesia, South Pacific, and Indian Oceans. It’s not the cheapest oil, but if you use it sparingly like I do, it can last about six months. I only use this oil on my face and neck in the evening. There are a couple of bottles pictured. One is from Pur 360 (available from Amazon) that is around $13 for 1oz. The Mountain Rose Herbs 4oz bottle cost $16. The reason why it isn’t the cheapest oil is it takes about 45 pounds of tamanu fruit to produce 2 pounds of oil. The oil has a deep nutty, woodsy scent that is mild. I’m not too sensitive to smells, so I’m not bothered by the scent at all.

Mountain Rose Herbs

Pur 360


Left: Pur 360
Right: Mountain Rose Herbs

Tamanu seed oil has significant antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities, which is good for those with acne and acne scars. Acne used to be a huge problem for me, but not so much anymore. I’ve learned how to control it with my diet, but when my diet slips, I don’t break out as much as I used to. I like to contribute that to my skincare routine. After a year of use (along with my grapeseed), I’ve noticed my pores are smaller.

I started using the Pur 360 and got through about 2.5 bottles. This brand is not organic. It is yellow in color, with a light nutty smell, and chemical taste. I noticed the chemical taste from my lips after applying. After about a year, the taste started to bother me and I wondered if it was from the extraction process. I recently purchased Mountain Rose Herbs version. Their Tamanu Oil is organic, dark green, a stronger nutty smell, and a slight chemical taste. I prefer this brand and will be using it going forward. The nutty smell doesn’t stick around if you’re sensitive to smells. This oil isn’t oily in the least. It absorbs very quickly and leaves my skin very soft.

From my research, there is fake or watered down tamanu oil. So, watch out for tamanu that is yellow or light in color and even black. You can read more about it here https://www.chagrinvalleysoapandsalve.com/blog/posts/wonders-of-tamanu-oil/.

Grapeseed Oil

I thought I blogged about the skin benefits of grapeseed oil long ago, but I was wrong. I integrated grapeseed oil into my skin routine  over two years ago. I’ve been mixing it with my jojoba oil and tea tree oil and using it as my moisturizer in the morning. I’ll often use it alone on my face/neck area as well as a body moisturizer. I also include it in my hair butters that I prepare. It is my favorite all around, go to oil. It is a light oil, that once it’s absorbed into the skin, it doesn’t feel greasy. I have naturally oily skin and have nothing but positive results from using this and the other oils I use in combination. I do have to wait for about ten minutes in the morning before I start my makeup application.

Grapeseed oil helps fight acne as it’s a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It’s high in omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin E, C, D and linoleic acid. It is supposed to help fight wrinkles and acne scars.

It is a cooking oil, but I’ve been using oil designed or marketed for hair and skin. I usually get my oil from Amazon and prefer organic, which is shown below.

Terra Firma Cosmetics Micropolish Resurfacing Facial Exfoliate

Terra Firma Cosmetics Micropolish is a fine powder that can be mixed with a small amount of water or a cleanser to exfoliate the skin. I purchased my first bottle years ago, used it a few times, but didn’t care for it. At the time, my skin wasn’t clear and I didn’t like using this on acne. The product becomes milky when mixed with a little bit of water, but there are still tiny granules to rub against the skin to remove dead skin cells.

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Terra Firma describes this product as a facial exfoliate that is activated when it comes into contact with water. A unique blend of microdermabrasion and natural particles, combined with fruit acids and red wine vinegar, act to gently remove dead skin build up, accelerate cell renewal, and balance the ph of your skin. Gentle enough to be used daily by even the most sensitive of skin.

I know the importance of exfoliating and had typically depended on chemical exfoliation and my Konjac sponge. I still use them, but I wanted to do more. So, I started using this product again in early spring 2018. I loved it. I used it in the morning at least three days a week, skipping a day in between. It made my skin feel incredibly soft and smooth and helped fade my old acne spots faster. I loved it so much, I finished my first bottle. The original bottle I purchased years ago was glass. I’m not sure when Terra Firma switched over to the plastic bottle pictured here. This product would’ve made my GoodBuy 2018 list, but the powder in the new bottle isn’t as fine as the old one I had. It’s unfortunate, but the product isn’t unusable. It may be due to one ingredient that is causing the problem. Every time I use it, there is always one or two particles that are too large for a facial exfoliator. I have to pick it off and continue with my routine. It’s annoying. I inquired with the company if the formula had changed. They claim it had not, but perhaps some particles from another product got mixed in accidently. I can’t confirm if the ingredients changed because the label on my old bottle had rubbed off. If I can’t find a suitable replacement, I’ll probably repurchase because I love how this makes my skin feel. I just hope the next bottle is better. This product can be purchased on TerraFirmaCosmetics.com and retails for $21.99.