About Me

I am not a professional makeup artist and have had no formal training.  Everything I’ve learned came from reading blogs, makeup forums, YouTube, books and practice.  My goal of this blog is to simply share what I’ve learned, bridge any gaps and answer any questions.

My road to make up was a long one.  I wore very little of it for many years for various reasons (one of them being acne).  About eighteen months ago, I decided to do my own makeup for my wedding!  Crazy right?  I completely dove into the topic of makeup.  It was quite the endeavor and in the end, I was (and still am) very pleased with how my makeup turned out.  I also had to admit I developed quite an obsession with eye shadow.  Now I’m just looking for a reason to use it and buy more.

In preparing for my wedding, I also had to get in control of my acne.  Acne was the last thing I wanted to deal with on that day.  I’ve been a long-time sufferer of acne, since I was a kid.  It has been quite the experience to say the least.  It’s interesting to say that my skin is ‘acne prone’.  It’s funny actually because ‘prone’ means tendency or every now and again.  This does not describe my experience.  My skin has always been in a constant state of multiple stages of acne (coming, here or going).  Form a zit, mold a zit, bake a zit is what my skin does best.  I’ve been fighting for most of my life, but during the past year, I’ve learned a lot and made huge changes in my daily routine that I would like to share. I can finally say I’m getting control of it and have experienced ‘acne-free’ days.  Miracles do happen!

Eye of the Day will feature my eye looks.  The eye look will be posted as I have or will wear them to work.  So, you won’t see false lashes.  Even though it can greatly alter and improve a look. I simply don’t have time in the morning and I’m not going to fake it on my blog.  Ninety percent of the guru’s I love on YouTube apply false lashes and it has yet to inspire me to get up earlier in the morning.

I will post here as often as possible.  I have a warm undertone so you won’t see many (possibly any) silver, gray or taupe colors for me.  I will include as much information as possible on how I achieved the look.


Freedom Friday will feature looks that are a bit bolder.  My job allows jeans on Fridays, so I take this opportunity to wear brighter colors, but still wearable.


Battle on Acne Hill will feature the changes in my routine that have helped me get control of my hormonal acne.  I realize the cause of acne will vary greatly on the person.  What worked for me will not work for everyone, but it’s all about information sharing.  Acne held me back for too many years.  Hopefully, I can help someone.  It will also help explain why I stay far away from certain products or ingredients.


Off Topic will discuss tips I’ve learned and my favorite things.  This blog will not be heavily geared on product reviews, but I will share products that I really, really love.