Nars Blush 2020

Orgasm X



Nars recently added a handful of new blushes to their line. When I first got into makeup, Nars was my go-to blush line. Lately, I’ve tried to branch out and try other brands for a couple of reasons. One, I hate their packaging. Two, I’m upset Nars discontinued their Gilda blush and my one good dupe has been discontinued. Despite that, there were three shades that caught my eye.

Orgasm X – This shade is described as a shimmering deep coral with gold pearl. When I went to Sephora, my plan was to pick up a different shade. The original Orgasm blush was a glitter bomb on me, and I assumed this would be similar. It’s far from it. The shimmer is fine and provides a nice sheen to the cheek. The pink-coral shade is quite nice and is very pigmented. The color lasted all day on me with no discernible fading.

Savage – This shade is described as a shimmering red-brown. If you’re a friend of Mac’s Raizin, then you’ll like this color. This is Raizin’s shimmering cousin. Like Orgasm X, the shimmer is fine and gives off a lovely sheen to the cheek. It blended out well and gave me a sunkissed, fresh look. The shade lasted on me with no fading.

Aroused – This shade is described as a satin deep burgundy. It is a lovely color, with no shimmer. The shade is nicely pigmented but applied a little patchy. However, the patchiness can be smoothed over, but it’s easy too over apply. The color is really nice, but the application is tricky.

L to R: Orgasm X, Savage, Aroused

Other blushes worth noting…I picked up Coeur Battant during its limited release some time ago. It’s a beautifully bright, cool-toned fuchsia. It’s been re-released and made permanent and I believe the new version is the same as the original. I initially wanted to purchase Dominate as well, which is described as a shimmering deep plum. I swatched this a couple of times in Sephora but passed on it. The base color is nice, but the shimmer didn’t appear as fine and overtook the base color. If you’re into more metallic looking highlighters, you may like this shade. It was a bit much for my taste.

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