Tamanu Oil

I’ve been adding new oils to my skin routine. One is Tamanu Oil, which I started using about a year ago. I forget how I originally heard of the oil, but when I do hear of a great oil for controlling acne, I’ll research it for my skin. I learned tamanu oil is extracted from the fallen nuts from the Tamanu tree that is indigenous to the islands in French Polynesia, South Pacific, and Indian Oceans. It’s not the cheapest oil, but if you use it sparingly like I do, it can last about six months. I only use this oil on my face and neck in the evening. There are a couple of bottles pictured. One is from Pur 360 (available from Amazon) that is around $13 for 1oz. The Mountain Rose Herbs 4oz bottle cost $16. The reason why it isn’t the cheapest oil is it takes about 45 pounds of tamanu fruit to produce 2 pounds of oil. The oil has a deep nutty, woodsy scent that is mild. I’m not too sensitive to smells, so I’m not bothered by the scent at all.

Mountain Rose Herbs

Pur 360


Left: Pur 360
Right: Mountain Rose Herbs

Tamanu seed oil has significant antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities, which is good for those with acne and acne scars. Acne used to be a huge problem for me, but not so much anymore. I’ve learned how to control it with my diet, but when my diet slips, I don’t break out as much as I used to. I like to contribute that to my skincare routine. After a year of use (along with my grapeseed), I’ve noticed my pores are smaller.

I started using the Pur 360 and got through about 2.5 bottles. This brand is not organic. It is yellow in color, with a light nutty smell, and chemical taste. I noticed the chemical taste from my lips after applying. After about a year, the taste started to bother me and I wondered if it was from the extraction process. I recently purchased Mountain Rose Herbs version. Their Tamanu Oil is organic, dark green, a stronger nutty smell, and a slight chemical taste. I prefer this brand and will be using it going forward. The nutty smell doesn’t stick around if you’re sensitive to smells. This oil isn’t oily in the least. It absorbs very quickly and leaves my skin very soft.

From my research, there is fake or watered down tamanu oil. So, watch out for tamanu that is yellow or light in color and even black. You can read more about it here https://www.chagrinvalleysoapandsalve.com/blog/posts/wonders-of-tamanu-oil/.

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