Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer – Amande


The shade Amande (Med/Dark #3) is a perfect match to my skin tone (my first). It’s so close that I wear it with a full face of makeup and under my eyes with no other makeup on. Like a lot of people that struggle with concealing imperfections, the revolving door for concealers constantly spins. I’m hoping I will continue to enjoy this concealer. The product pictured is my second jar. I purchased the first on a whim, knowing I had a lot left remaining in my current trial and error concealers. Admittedly, I’m not good at tossing out a product that doesn’t work for me unless it breaks me out. I’ll try to make it work just to use it up. I started using the first jar by taking it to work for touch ups for when my eyeglasses mess up my concealer. I’ve also occasionally used it in the morning when I’m in a rush and I don’t have time for my old routine of mixing two concealers together.

This covers well and doesn’t slide around. I have oily skin, so I use a face primer underneath my undereye concealers. However, this concealer works for me when I have a blank face and no primer underneath. I don’t have fine lines around my eye, but I do have folds near the corner, where all concealers tend to gather and this one is no exception. Primers minimizes it, but I try to not put concealer in that specific area. Most importantly, this product doesn’t oxidize. I hope it continues to work for me going forward.

You get 6.2 g (0.2oz) for $30.


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