Fyrinnae – Fall 2018

I couldn’t let a year go by without blogging about Fyrinnae eye shadows. I still love them. Some are better than others, but it’s a brand that I will consistently buy every time a new shade comes out. I have a drawer full of them. This past fall, Fyrinnae came out with new Exquisite shades. Exquisites are a variation of their popular Arcane Magic eye shadows, but most have stronger color changes and lack an opaque contrasting base color like most of the original line. My swatches were applied on top of their Pixy Epoxy. A regular base will work just fine, but a sticky base intensifies the shades.

fyrinnae fall 2018

1. Infinite Depths (Exquisite) is described as a metallic forest green that becomes violet, pinky purple and magenta with gold sparkle. The color change is very strong on this shade, but the only time I see green is when it’s in the pot at a certain angle. However, when it’s applied, Fyrinnae says the wearer may not be able to see all the color changes. In my swatch, the color is more of a medium dark blue that changes to purple.

2. Keeper of Souls is described as a metallic burgundy-copper that changes to bronze, gold and chartreuse green. On my skin tone, this shade starts out as a burgundy brown that changes to a bronze and a bright olive green.  This shade is my favorite out of the bunch. I love the shades that gives you lid highlight, depth and shading in one step.

3. Undying Beauty is described as a vivid green that becomes golden peach then pink. There is a pale pink/peach peeking out in my swatch, but it is more visible at certain angles. On a regular base, the pink/peach is more apparent.

4. Temptress is a high sparkle shade that is described as a light pink that turns into a soft peach, then to a gold, green to an aqua. On my skin tone, the shadow starts out as a pale pink that changes to a green. The sparkle on this shade tends to travel, so take care during application.

5. Demon’s Armor is my least favorite of the bunch. If you’re a fan of very sparkly shades, you’ll like this one. The sparkles are a little too chunky for my taste. The color change is awesome, but on my skin, it is very similar to Infinite Depths, just a little darker. It is described as a deep teal green that turns to a blue-violet, bright pink and coppery gold. On my skin, I only see a medium dark blue to purple shift. The coppery gold can be seen at a sharp angle in the pot. Care should be taken with this shade as well as the sparkle is intense.

fyrinnae fall 2018 swatch 1fyrinnae fall 2018 swatch 2

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