Make Up Forever Metal Pro Palette

I was a huge fan of the large metal empty palettes that I blogged about in this post in 2013. I have a handful of them and a couple to spare. I’m thankful I do because this new version Make Up Forever has released is sub-par. I wish I kept the receipt so I could return it. The palettes have changed over the years and not for the better. If you prefer having a window and didn’t own any prior version, you may forgive or perhaps not even notice the missteps with this release.

The window is a thin piece of plastic that scratches easily and doesn’t feel stable. It’s not the hard plastic you see in empty quads from Mac or Anastasia Beverly Hills. The plastic area of the lid gives when you pick up the palette and even just press on it lightly. The plastic reminds me of what you see for food containers. The lid completely detaches from the base, where the prior versions the lid was attached. The metal case itself feels a little thinner than the prior versions as well, but that could be my annoyance talking.

The previous palettes were nice and thin, which was great for storage purposes. The subsequent versions were much thicker (see my 2016 post), but at least it came with a protective foam insert to keep the shadows in place. This new version is minimally thinner and has no foam. Yes, foam would defeat the purpose of the window, but the extra space within the palette may lead to damage to the shadows if jostled or dropped.

Both the medium and extra-large palettes hold less shadows than their predecessors. The medium holds 15 Mac sized shadows or 8 large round pan shadows (such as the now discontinued Make Up Forever shadows). The extra-large palette holds 36 Mac sized shadows or 27 large round pans. Typical, that the quality has diminished, but the price has gone up. The medium palettes are $18 and the extra-large are $30. (This compared to the $11 for the older large pans).

Ugh. I wish I kept the receipt.

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