Urban Decay Naked Heat


Okay, raise your hand if you don’t own an Urban Decay Naked or Naked-related palette. Anyone? It’s probably a small group, but I used to be a proud member. Until now. Sadly, I wish I still was a member. The deep richness look of the palette broke me down. 

Technically, there isn’t anything wrong with the effectiveness of the shades. They are pigmented, the shimmers are nice, the mattes blend out nicely (though are a bit soft and easy to pick up too much product). Typical performance for Urban Decay.

The problem is the shades are redundant. Outside of the extreme light and dark, everything in between is one degree different from the next. All the shimmers look the same and all the mattes look the same. Why didn’t they add an orange or yellow, perhaps a matte red? The swatches may appear as if they are distinctly different, but when you’re using the shades on your lid, you’re blending out edges and not packing on the color. In practice, you have to work hard not to get your eye makeup to look muddy. “Muddy Heat” sounds like a good name for a palette.

The palette retails for $54 for 12 shades (1.3g each).

1) Ounce  2) Chaser  3) Sauced  4) Low Blow

1) Lumbre  2) He Devil  3) Dirty Talk  4) Scorched

1) Cayenne  2) En Fuego  3) Ashes  4) Ember

One comment on “Urban Decay Naked Heat

  1. Sonia says:

    You made so many excellent points about nkd heat that I realized my want for this palette is mostly due to the hype and the packaging. Thank you for your blog posts, especially the ones where you swatch and review Fyrinnae. I have been following your blog for quite a few years but have only now surfaced to say hello. Hope that’s okay. Keep on going!

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