Chanel Premiere Longwear Cream Eyeshadow

Chanel recently released eight cream shadows (seven are permanent to the line). I picked up two neutral shades for my skin tone, Silver Pink and Terre Brulee. This product can be used as a base or main lid shade.

Chanel Silver Pink 814

Chanel Terre Brulee 806

This is promoted to be a “smooth-textured cream shadow that glides on effortlessly to leave an elegant satin finish”. I found the product easier to work with than their Illusion D’Ombre shadows, but the textures are very similar in an annoying way. The product moves around when trying to load the brush, though not as much as the Illusion D’Ombre.

The intensity is buildable, which is great if your goal is to use this as a base. The finish for all of these shadows is satin, but I found once you start increasing the intensity, the finish becomes very shimmery. These dry down fairly quickly, so you have to work fast for blending. What I appreciate is the shimmer didn’t fly off when I was blending out the edges with a powder product and buffing in my crease. The long-lasting claim is pretty accurate. These shades were going strong after 12 hours.

The last thing I needed was another cream shadow, but these shades are great neutrals for summer to showcase bright lips for the summer. (This is the excuse I told myself when I bought these.)

If you have crepey lids, you may not like these if you plan on using them as a lid shade. You’ll need two or three layers for good coverage and it will exaggerate crepey lines and folds.

1-Chanel Silver Pink
2-Chanel Terre Brulee

The mini brush this product comes with is quite impressive. It’s a synthetic, nicely tapered lid brush that is firm enough to keep its shape, but has some give for a smooth application.

These shadows retail for $36 and you get 4g of product.

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