Hourglass Lip Stylo

Are you in the mood for a colored lip balm? How about a moisturizing lip stick good enough for the chronically lip balm addicted? If so, you’ve got to try Hourglass Lip Stylo’s. They are castor seed oil based with shea butter and jojoba oil. The formula isn’t thin, so there isn’t a slick feeling when applying with the quick disappearing act. It also doesn’t feel thick or heavy. The pigmentation is great, last hours and leaves a stain behind. The downside is eventually, the nice tip will wear down and it may be a challenge to apply from the bullet for those with thin lips. There is no discernible taste or smell. The packaging is lovely and has a nice weighty feel, but is fingerprint prone.

L to R: Warrior, Liberator, Protector

L to R: Protector, Liberator, Warrior

1 – Protector is a purple-pink with good pigmentation and buildable color.

2 – Liberator is a warm medium pink with good pigmentation and buildable color.

3 – Warrior is a dark cherry with great pigmentation in the first pass.

These retail for $32 and have 2.5g each.

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