Make Up Geek Highlighters


Top Left – Firework; Top Right – Ablaze Bottom – Ignite

I’m slow to come around to traditional highlighters. I blame it on fighting oily skin for decades. The only part of my makeup I routinely highlight is under the brow. I’ve purchased a handful of highlighters before (some great, some not) with the intention of daily use, but that plan goes flying out the window after day two. Here I am, again, trying to find the love of highlighters.

Make Up Geek’s recent release of highlighters intrigued me because the line offers several shades for different skin tones, which I found very refreshing. Other lines have done this before, but didn’t delve into deeper tones (and super pale tones) like Make Up Geek does. The three shades featured here are promoted to be best for darker skin.

It may be hard to discern the differences in these shades when looked at individually, but when swatched side-by-side, you can see the various undertones.

1 – Firework has a warm pink undertone.

2 – Ignite has golden bronze undertone.

3 – Ablaze has a more copper/orange undertone that is supposed to shift colors. If your eyes can see the color change, then congratulations are in order. I can’t see it in the pan, while swatched or on my face. I’m not sure why a color changing highlighter would be necessary.

I’m definitely not an expert on highlighters. As I said earlier, I have a bad, chunky, glittery highlighter that would barely work as an eyeshadow. I also have a fantastic, melt into your skin highlighter that gives you the lit from within look. These highlighters are pretty nice, but it doesn’t disappear into the skin like I would prefer. The particles tend to sit on top of my powder foundation. It’s a minor annoyance, admittedly. In Make Up Geek’s defense, they aren’t large, disco ball specks, but just isn’t as finely milled as I’d like.

These retail for $20 (7g) each or $48 when all three are purchased together. The price tag is higher than any Make Up Geek product I’ve purchased before, but you get a lot of product for your money. I’m hoping that isn’t a trend because their reasonable price point is what the brand is known for.

Firework, Ignite, Ablaze

Firework, Ignite, Ablaze







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