Yves Saint Laurent Vinyl Cream Lip Stain

YSL Vinyl case

YSL Vinyl wand

I fell hard for YSL Glossy Stains that came out a few years ago.  So, when the new Vinyl Creams came out, I found them hard to resist. I was initially hesitant to try these as I was picturing a finish similar to Mrs. Potato Head lips (no offense to Mrs. Potato Head and those who like that look). I didn’t find anything extraordinary about the finish it is similar to a YSL Rouge Volupte Shine, just without the slick feeling on the lips. I was disappointed to find these transfer a lot more than the YSL Glossy Stains. For me, it lasted through my morning tea and breakfast, but was gone after lunch. It a left behind a slight stain, but I definitely needed to reapply. One thing I liked about the Vinyl Creams over the Glossy Stains is that it layers nicely without becoming gloopy. So it can be worn sheared out. I also like that I could press my lips together without them feeling sticky or tacky, unlike the Glossy Stains. I don’t notice any streaking, but I rarely do as my natural lip color is dark. For those with a lighter natural lip color, you may need a second layer to get a fully opaque finish. Like the Glossy Stains, these take on a redder tone after it sets.

These are available at Sephora and YSL counters for $36.

YSL Vinyl swatch

#401 Rouge Vinyle (left) is a dark red. On my lips, this color sets darker than than the swatch color.

#409 Burgundy Vibes (right) is a burgundy.

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