Fyrinnae Edwardian Collection

Fyrinnae Edwardian

Though I had the swatches of this collection in the Swatch Bin for some time, this post is extremely late.

Fyrinnae has released The Edwardian Collection for spring / summer. It is an interesting mix of neutral/skin tone shades and brighter colors. (There are a handful of shades that I didn’t pick up.) I love Fyrinnae shadows, but this collection is average. The shades are dupable with the exception of Brocade. If you have a large collection, you could probably skip the bulk of these shades unless of course you’re addicted to make up. This collection also includes a couple of lip lustre’s. The one I purchased is an improvement on the others I own.

  1. Marry Money is described as a sandy warm taupe with brown shimmer. On me, it is a pale, muted gold.
  2. Aristocratic Scandal is described as a medium golden brown.
  3. Tango is described as warm, rich burgundy with brown tones and shimmer.
  4. In Vino Veritas is a cool dusky pink over sheer grey base.
  5. Art Nouveau is a shimmering green over a sheer grey base.
  6. Brocade is a muted slate blue with golden bronze shimmer. I think this is a hit, but tricky to work with. The arm swatch shows this shadow in all its glory, but on my eye the blue and gold shimmer turns it green.
  7. Ragtime is a Lip Lustre in a warm deep plum. It is creamier and less streaky than the other Lip Lustre’s I own. It is nicely pigmented and comfortable to wear.

The eye shadows are $6.75 for 3 grams. The Lip Lustre are $7.

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