Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Shadow

Anastasia Eyeshadow

Life with a toddler has definitely kept me busy. Despite my new permanent state of exhaustion, I’m still clinging to my love of makeup. I find myself doing easy neutral looks more these days because it’s all my foggy brain can handle at the moment. The creativity/brainpower to come up with an eye look using… idk…a bright yellow eyeshadow does not exist now. If you’re a lover of great neutral shades, give Anastasia a peek.

I use and love Anastasia’s brow products, but I’m just now trying out their eyeshadows. I can only speak to the shimmer/metallic shades, but they are richly pigmented with great texture and blendability. The line isn’t 100% neutral. There are splashes of color, but they are somewhat muted. Despite leaning neutral, the majority of the line has a metallic finish, so these definitely aren’t boring. I don’t experience any fading or creasing; however, I always use a primer. What is also nice is the shadows come in pan form for $12 (0.06oz). You get Urban Decay/Makeup Forever quality for a cheaper price.

  1. Topaz is described as a bronze gold with a satin finish. On me, it is a medium brown.
  2. Chocolate Crumble is described as a titanium (metallic) smoky amethyst. On my skin, it is a pinky brown.
  3. Penny Metal is described as a metallic light copper. On me, it is more of a yellow gold.
  4. Henna is described as a titanium copper brown. On me, it is a vibrant red copper.
  5. Rose is a metallic pink.
  6. Emerald is a metallic forest green.
  7. Victorian is described as antique silver. On me, it looks like grey taupe.
  8. Chiffon is described as a titanium antique gold. On my complexion, it is an olive brown.
  9. Pink Champagne is a metallic pinky-beige.
  10. Brownie is a titanium gold-flecked brown.
  11. Amber is described as a multi-dimensional gold with a satin finish. On my skin, it is a pale gold.

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