Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Blush

Soulful Spice and Brazen Bronze

Soulful Spice and Brazen Bronze

Estee Lauder has been repackaging and revamping its line the past year and half and next up is their blush. I’ve always been a fan of Estee Lauder’s blush. The formula is nicely pigmented, but not overly so. You can easily build up the color. It isn’t dry or powdery and the satin and shimmer finishes provide a nice luminous look to my skin. I’ve never experienced any fading.

The gold, mirrored packaging has been replaced with the new sleek, but cheaper feeling dark blue and gold. If fingerprints annoy you, be prepared to be really irritated. The formula has supposedly changed as well. Unfortunately, I can’t provide an ingredients list of the old formula to compare. I noticed a slightly creamier texture of the newer blush, but no discernible improvement in performance. The original shade range is still available with four new shades. I decided to pick up two shades I thought would be perfect for spring/summer.

Soulful Spice is a soft, reddish-orange brown with minute gold shimmer in a satin finish. The color is much nicer applied than it looks in the pan. On me, orange is more apparent, which I love.

Brazen Bronze looks very similar to Soulful Spice in the pan, but also swatches very different. It is a deep, peachy-orange with gold shimmer with a yellow undertone. This is a shimmer finish so the gold is more visible on the skin than Soulful Spice.

The best thing about Estee Lauder’s blush is the amount of product you get for the price ($34 for 0.25oz/7g) as compared to Nars, which offers 0.16oz for $30.

Soulful Spice and Brazen Bronze

Soulful Spice and Brazen Bronze

EL Blush Comp

New packaging (Soulful Spice) versus the old packaging (Hot Sienna).

New packaging (Soulful Spice) versus the old packaging (Wild Sunset).

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