New Fyrinnae Shadows

It’s been how long since my last post!? I didn’t mean for this much time to pass. I’ve been enjoying watching my little one grow and learn and busy with diaper changes, feedings, begging my little one to nap and slowly watching my home get taken over by brightly colored items that entertains my child for all of 28 seconds. All kinds of love is running through my home including my love of makeup. So, let’s get going.

I stalk Fyrinnae’s site regularly so I’m surprised I missed some shades released this year (more is coming later this month). I’m enjoying Fyrinnae’s reformulation. It made the texture of their loose shadows feel spongy. I have notice less fall out and the shadow seems to adhere to the brush better. It’s also less messy when opening the jar, which is very helpful if you’re rushing like a mad woman in the morning. I’ve never experienced fading with Fyrinnae’s shadows, but I always where a basic primer. A full-sized, 3g jar retails for $6.75.Fyrinnae Feb 2015

  1. Zanzibar – This shade is all over the place in terms of color. It is described as a deep turquoise with green and gold highlight. To my eyes, while in the pot, it is a stunning medium blue-green with gold shimmer. Fyrinnae’s swatch on their website is an accurate picture of the shade while in the pot, but that is not what shows up when swatched. When applied, it is a medium, vibrant green and at some angles, the blue is more apparent. There is nothing wrong with the shade when applied; it’s just not the shade I wanted. It doesn’t matter if the shadow is applied on a sticky base or regular primer; the deep color in the pot is nowhere to be found…boo.
  2. Dragon Forest – Is a medium warm green with light green and gold shimmer. This was a free sample of what I assume is a shade yet to be released. I don’t see it for sale on their website yet.
  3. Beyond Binary – Is described as a cool apricot with subtle aqua shimmer. I don’t see the aqua shimmer and the apricot base disappears on my brown skin. For my coloring, this makes a nice inner corner highlight.
  4. Caramel Layer Cake – Is described as a satin peachy tan with light pink sparkle. This shade looks much darker in the pot. On my skin color, only the frosty highlight is apparent. It works as nice lid shade when applied lightly.
  5. Ailurophile – Is a soft purple and gold shimmer. This shade looks best when applied on regular primer. It is more subtle, pretty and not as frosted.
  6. Debonair – Is a cool-toned lilac with copper shimmer. The copper shimmer is very faint, so it isn’t as shimmery as the other shades in this post.
  7. Serene Highness – Is described as a medium-cool violet with varying green shimmer. You can see the deep purple as the base shade while in the pot, but it isn’t as apparent when swatched. The shadow appears blue when applied. It’s still pretty, but isn’t aligned with Fyrinnae’s description.
  8. Conjured Tempest – Fyrinnae describes this shade as a deep murky green with pink and purple highlight. To me, “murky green” isn’t the best description; it’s more of a gray shade. Yes, at a sharp angle, while in the pot, you could squint and see green. There is definitely no green when applied. When swatched, it’s a muted grayish purple base with pink and light purple low-level shimmer.
  9. Mystic Forest – Is a deep blue teal. The level of shimmer is heavily influenced by the type of base used. While in the pot or used over a typical primer, the shimmer level is low. It is much more intense when used over a sticky base.
  10. Istanbul – Is described as a denim blue with deep blue and gold shimmer. To me, this is a frosty, silver-based medium blue.
  11. Knickers In A Twist – This color has been out for a while. It is described as a dark taupe brown with pink and gold shimmer. It is a cool toned taupe brown, but the gold shimmer warms this shade up enough to make it wearable for warm-toned beauties.

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