INGLOT: Take Two

Inglot had come to the Macy’s I most frequent this past summer.  I would always peak at their counter, but rarely stopped.  My eyes would immediately take in all of the fantastically bright eye shadows and I would remind myself that I have all of the bright Inglot shades I want.  Their recent online 20% Black Friday sale (***THE SALE ENDS MONDAY 12/9***) encouraged me to take a closer look and I discovered some gems.

If you’re a fan of neutral shadows and afraid of color, it’s easy to overlook Inglot’s counter due to the way it’s designed.  The more subtle shades are mixed in with the very bright shades.  It’s almost a sensory overload.  Since I had plenty of Inglot’s bright shades, I went to their counter to look for neutrals.  Granted I may be using the word “neutral” loosely.  Spicy neutral may be a better description.  Despite the 20% off sale, the regular $6 price tag for 2.5g to over 3g of product is a great deal.  The Freedom System palette is sold separately for $16.  (The empty palettes for square pans are excluded from the sale.)

I would suggest a trip to the counter if you’re a neutral (or spicy neutral) fan.  Inglot’s website swatches are horrid.  With Inglot, what you see in the pan is what you get, but occasionally magic happens when swatched.  Some standout shades are:

444 – A great mix of green and gray.  A hint of teal peaks out when swatched.
31 – A blend of pale golden brown and a little peach when swatched.
402 – A light taupe brown.
406 – A molten gold that is fabulous on warm, brown skin tones.
606 – A luscious, rich coppery gold.
605 – A rich, deep burnt red-orange.
434 – A fantastically dark, charcoal grayed purple.  It is cool toned, but warm toned beauties shouldn’t pass this up.

Inglot Neutral

Inglot Neutral 2

Inglot Neutral label


1 – Shade 454; 2 – Shade 420; 3 – Shade 444; 4 – Shade 422; 5 – Shade 419; 6 – Shade 153;7 – Shade 31; 8 – Shade 402; 9 – Shade 406; 10 – Shade 21.

Inglot Neutral 2 labeled


1 – Shade 154; 2 – Shade 397; 3 – Shade 399; 4 – Shade 606; 5 – Shade 605; 6 – Shade 607; 7 – Shade 434.

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