SUQQU Brush Review


To all my fellow makeup addicts…Selfridges now ships to the U.S. I repeat; Selfridges now ships to the U.S!!

This is big because it finally gives access to brands we could only experience via YouTube. Brands like SUQQU, a Japanese cosmetics company. I have wanted to get my hands on SUQQU brushes for years.

Suqqu Brush

No joke these brushes are expensive, but the quality is otherworldly and worth every penny. I’ve experienced fantastically soft brushes before…Hakuhodo, Louise Young eye brushes, Wayne Goss. I have no words for how soft SUQQU brushes are. The brushes landed in my hands a couple of days ago, so I haven’t used them to apply makeup. The only thing I’ve done is gleefully rub them against my face and pet them. (TMI?)

The face brush is a good sized brush and can be used to apply bronzer or a finishing powder. I wish the top was tapered more to a point versus rounded, but I’ll get over it. It retails for £140 minus the VAT.

Suqqu Face BrushHakuhodo H3086, SUQQU Face

Hakuhodo H3086, SUQQU Face

The cheek brush is a great size for blush. The ferrule is pinched so the brush can also be used for detailed contouring when using the flatter edge. It retails for £74 minus the VAT.

Suqqu Blush BrushMac 165, SUQQU CheekMac 165, SUQQU Cheek

The eye brush (L) is big. If you have a small lid space, this brush would be a challenge to use. It is the fattest eye brush I own and don’t have anything that comes close. It is a good size brush for setting under eye concealer and highlighting the cheekbone.  It retails for £42 minus the VAT.

Suqqu Eye BrushMac 224, SUQQU L

Mac 224, SUQQU L

The shipping from the UK is slow. It took a full week before my order was processed by Selfridges. Shipping from that point was under seven days. There is a flat £25 fee for international shipping.

5 comments on “SUQQU Brush Review

  1. Mia says:

    how was the ordering process? did you have to call Selfriges or were you able to order through the website? how much is the tax when shipped to the US? sorry for all the questions….i am planning my own order soon and don’t know anyone else who has 🙂

    • I knew you could always call, but I ordered mine from their website. The tax was low ($6) and the VAT was removed. Shipping cost is a flat 25GBP (roughly $40). It took a week for my order to be processed before it was shipped. I would be careful at ordering breakable, shatter-prone items. The shipping box didn’t include packing material and I’ve heard some horror stories. I just ordered brushes and a brow pen and each item was in separate Suqqu boxes, so it wasn’t a problem.

  2. Yza says:

    How much we’re those three brushes in US dollar ?

    • The large face brush was over $200. The other two were around $60-90. It depends on the exchange rate, which changes as the market fluctuates. Google pounds to US dollar and the current equivalent.

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