Review: Wayne Goss, The Collection

In a word…fabulous.  The quality of the brushes is amazing.  I’d say it’s mightily close to the softness of SUQQU.  My one hang up about the collection is that there isn’t a flat shadow brush, but that is a personal preference.  I experienced minor shedding of the larger brushes after washing, but just a few.  The blending brushes alone, makes this a great set.  Click here to see the original post with pictures.

Brush #1 – Foundation
I only use powder foundation and was initially skeptical that this brush would work for me.  Fortunately, this brush buffs in powder foundation beautifully, but it’s small.  Or perhaps my face is too big.  Either way, I prefer a larger brush. If you’re a frequent traveler or you need a compact brush to touch up your foundation throughout the day, this is the brush for you.

Brush #2 – Blush / Contour
This is a great blush brush.  It’s the perfect size so you’re not applying blush to the whole side of your face.  It’s tapered enough to contour with as well.

Brush #3-6 – Application / Blending
All of the brushes made applying and blending crease and outer corner shades a breeze.  The only issue I had was applying lid shades.  I used the #6 brush as it has a flat side, but I prefer the control of a flat, stiffer brush.  If you have a light skin tone, then applying lid colors with the desired intensity may not be an issue.  For my skin tone, I need to pack on the color.  This can’t be done with a blending brush without creating massive fallout.

Brush #7; 8 – Push Liner; Small Lip / Eye Liner
These are brushes are very tiny and very easy to use.  I use the #7 brush to apply light shades to my inner corner and the #8 as a liner.

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