Mac Indulge Collection Fall 2013

Mac’s Indulge Collection for fall 2013 was released online last week.  It is a typical large collection filled with eye shadows, blush, eyeliner, lipstick, lip gloss and nail polish.  I took a chance and purchased items online…big risk for Mac, especially given their online swatches are nothing shy of horrendous.  I didn’t get too much in this collection, but there are some hits and misses.

Among the products I picked up, the misses were a couple of the eye shadows.

1 – Sex & The Oyster is a cool toned, grayed teal.  It is a veluxe pearl finish.  It has a nice texture, but needs a couple of layers to get the intensity and color payoff.

Mac Sex and the Oyster

Sex & The Oyster

2 – Eat, Love is a blackened forest green.  It is a satin finish.  The texture is stiffer, but has decent color payoff.  My problem with this shade is the shade in the pan is not the shade you’ll get on your eye.  There is a lovely shimmer to this shade in the pot, but when applied it disappeared.  Any shade that requires a search party to find the shimmer, is matte.  This color reminds me of Jealous Jordana by theBalm, but it has a nice sheen.

Mac Eat, Love

Eat, Love

3 – Beluga is a charcoal black with gold and olive sparkle.  It is a veluxe finish.  This is another disappointing shade.  In the pan, it has a lot of sparkle that initially had me worried about fallout.  It looked promising when swatched, but petered out when applied.  Unless you’re in good light and everyone you’ll talk to is standing two inches away, the sparkle is non-existent.  I did experience some fallout.  This “matte” shade had decent color payoff and reminded me of a better performing Legendary Black (Mac Pro Longwear).

Mac Beluga


4 – Divine Decadence is golden deep bronze with a veluxe finish.  This is a great shade, but shines even brighter against the rest of the shades in this collection.  For brown skin beauties, this is a “your skin, but better” type of shade.  It has great pigmentation and a nice texture, but did kick up a bit of powder when using a brush.  If you’re a fan of bronze shades, this is worth checking out.

Mac Divine Decadence

Divine Decadence

The eye shadows also include a re-promote of Three Ring Yellow.  I picked this shade up when it was released two years ago and is a nice, pigmented shade.  I didn’t re-swatch or review it as I can’t guarantee my shadow will be of equal quality of that in this collection.  You can see a swatch of it here in the Swatch Bin.

The lip products are nicely pigmented, but dupe-able.

1 – Sweet Succulence Lipstick is a deep plum with a lustre finish.  Lustres are typically sheer, but this packed a punch.  It is quite vampy and perfect for fall.  I didn’t notice any patchiness upon application, but my lips are several shades darker than my face and tend not to have those issues.

Mac Sweet Succulence

Sweet Succulence

2 – Utterly Tart Lipglass is a plum red with good pigmentation.  Not completely opaque, but great for a lipglass.

3 – Lust For Life Lipglass is a plum purple with fuchsia pink sparkle.  It also isn’t completely opaque, but has good pigmentation for a lipglass.

Mac LG Utterly Tart n Lust For Life

Utterly Tart (top)
Lust For Life

1 - Sex & The Oyster 2 - Eat, Love 3 - Beluga 4 - Divine Decadence

1 – Sex & The Oyster
2 – Eat, Love
3 – Beluga
4 – Divine Decadence

1 - Sweet Succulence 2 - Utterly Tart 3 - Lust For Life

1 – Sweet Succulence
2 – Utterly Tart
3 – Lust For Life

The items above retail for $15 and some are already sold out online on Mac’s website.

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