Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lipcolor

My love of Maybelline’s cream shadow is growing.  Maybelline released their Vivid lipstick line some time ago, but I thought they were too bright for me.  I mean, they are right out of the crayon box – bright.  I realized when I did my Spring Lipstick post that I’d been shying away from bright lipstick.  I’m okay with bold (which took some getting used to as well), but bright is out of my comfort zone.  I figured it’s time to broaden my horizon.

Maybelline Vivid Lipstick Maybelline Vivid swatch

I decided to take a chance on this Vivid line and I’m glad I did.  There is a great amount of pigmentation, but they aren’t so opaque that I get the “Mrs. Potato Head, paste-on lip” look I am desperately trying to avoid.  As they are semi-opaque, my very dark lip color deepens these shades a bit, but the brightness of the lip color remains.

These are creamy with a slight glossy finish with no shimmer.  It leaves behind a stain, but needs to be reapplied after eating.  The formula isn’t drying, but not overly moisturizing.  The cost ranges from $6-8 depending on drug store and Ulta.

  1. Vivid Rose (#875) is a bright warm toned pink.
  2. Shocking Coral (#870) is accurately described in the name.  On my skin, this shade appears pinker than it looks in the tube.
  3. Vibrant Mandarin (#885) looks like a dark coral on my skin.
  4. Neon Red (#890) is a lovely tomato, warm red.  This is a nice red that isn’t too heavy for warm months.
  5. Hot Plum (#900) is a bright cool toned pink.
  6. Brazen Berry (#905) is a bright purple that looks exactly like Mac’s Feel My Pulse from the Temperature Rising collection while in the tube.  I was able to snag the Mac lip color and found Brazen Berry looks slightly more cool toned that Fee My Pulse once applied.  It is a very good dupe though

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