Spring Lipsticks

I’ve been patiently waiting on spring to arrive…real spring.  Not the “78 degrees on Monday and 45 degrees by Friday” fake spring my town has been getting.  In the past few weeks, we’ve had flurries, cold and flood inducing rain, sprinkled with warm days.  Even though it’s been quite chilly, I’ve been faking spring by wearing lighter lip colors versus the deep berries, reds and plums that I gravitate to in colder weather.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Spring lipstick

Pinky-reds are great at any time, especially if you’re not the biggest fan of deep, rich reds.  I especially like pinky-reds during warmer months as the opaque reds in my collection seem too heavy for the season.

1. Mac – Fire Sign (not pictured) has been my go to pinky red for a long while.  It’s a lustre finish, which means it’s more glossy than opaque.  I’m a fan of Mac lustre’s, but some find them drying.  It is a warm red that goes nicely with my skin tone.

2. Clairins Rouge Eclat – Passion Red has a satin finish and is fairly opaque.  I don’t wear it full-on; I tend to use it more as a stain.  What may turn some off is the strong, fruity scent and lightly sweetened taste.  Thankfully, the scent and taste fades.

Clairins Passion Red

Purple, especially fuchsia-laced purples, are great statement shades.  You can put on a nice purple lip color with practically nothing else and look fabulous.

3. Stila – Gemma is a bright fuchsia purple with pink flecks.  The creamy formula makes Stila one of the most nourishing lipsticks I’ve tried.  Stila lipsticks have a sweet, creamy mint scent.  It reminds me of the Junior Mint chocolate candy.  The mint makes my lips tingle a bit, in a good way.  The bullet is very over-sized in my opinion.  Even on my full lips, I have to be careful during application.  Those with thinner lips will want to use a lip brush.  A very close dupe is Mac’s Violetta (a Mac Pro shade).  Violetta leans more purple where Gemma is pinker, but the difference is slight.

4. Clairins Rouge Eclat – True Aubergine looks brighter purple in the tube, but is more muted on my brown skin.  This shade is glossier than Passion Red.

Stila Gemma Clairins True Aubergine

Pink lips are classic shades for warmer months.  I like bright pinks, but I primarily own bright pink glosses that aren’t fully opaque.  For opaque lipsticks, I like darker or raspberry pinks.

5. Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro – #502 (not pictured) is incredibly intense.  The whole line is, really.  It is like a liquid pigment with a doe foot applicator.  It initially applies somewhat glossy, but is more matte after it sets.  Lip Maestro’s are definitely not for those afraid of color.

6. Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Rouge Volupte Shine – #5 was love at first sight.  It is a brightened raspberry pink with a glossy finish.  The formula is creamy and moisturizing.  The finish is semi-opaque, but is buildable.  The tropical scent may turn some people off, but I like it.  The only downside is this shade is only sold as Sephora.

7. Clinique Chubby Stick Intense – Broadest Berry is a muted, brownish-berry.  On me, the brown blends in with my skin leaving a muted berry-pink behind.  The Intense formula is more opaque than Clinique’s original Chubby Stick formula, but isn’t as moisturizing.  I really like more muted shades when I’m wearing brightly colored eye makeup or clothes.

YSL #5 Clinique Broadest Berry

Orange is my favorite shades to wear in warmer months.  It is lovely for my warm undertone and brown skin.  Oddly, I own way more orange gloss than lipsticks.

8. Stila – Valentina looks like a traffic stopping orange in the tube and is very bright on the lips as well.  It is has touch of red in it, but not enough for me to think of it has a true red-orange.  It is very opaque with a creamy moisturizing formula and satin finish.  (I also like Guerlain’s Fleur De Feu #142, which is lighter and more yellow.)

Stila Valentina

Coral lip colors and I had a long relationship filled with disappointments.  There are several failed coral colors in my “mistake” bin.  My luck changed this year. 

 9. Mac Mineralize Rich – Lady at Play is coral pink.  Mac’s Mineralize Rick formula is creamy with a satin finish.  On my skin tone, the pink is more apparent when swatched or worn versus the orange that comes across in the tube.  That is what makes it work for me.

10. YSL Rouge Volupte Shine – #12 looks like an incredibly bright orange in the tube, but goes on a fantastic coral pink.  It is darker than Lady at Play and is my favorite coral.  The formula is glossy and semi-opaque, but is buildable.

Mac Lady At Play YSL #12

Brown may seem borrowing to some, but I love it as it is more neutral for my skin tone.  I prefer the glossier, lighter brown shades for warmer months.

11. Nars – Beautiful Liar (not pictured) is one of those shades that will look different depending on your skin tone.  It is described as a spiced coral.  I went to try this shade out because I was hunting for a coral, but got more of a brown with a touch of orange with gold shimmer.  The formula is sheer, but still deposits a nice amount of color.  Since my lips are much darker than my swatching arm, this shade fits in the neutral zone.

12. Stila –Ali is described as raisin.  This reddish-brown shade has a creamy, moisturizing formula that is slightly glossier than the other Stila lipsticks.   This shade goes well with warm, brown skin as it works great for a neutral/nude lip, but doesn’t wash out your face.

Stila Ali

Sephora carries the Nars, YSL,Clinique and Stila brands.  Clairins, Mac and Giorgio Armani can be found at department store counters.  Price ranges from $16 to $34.

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