Fyrinnae 60s Retro Collection

Fyrinnae is back with another retro collection, this one featuring the color-filled, tie-dye loving 1960’s.  I jumped on these shades as soon as it was released, but I’m just finding the time to blog about them.

The collection features eight loose shadows ($6.25 for 3g) and two sheer lip lustres ($7 for 8ml).  The shadows are the typical bright and shimmery shades Fyrinnae is known for.  The shade names are great too.   I received a sample of one of the sheer lip lustres out of this collection.  I think these shades (sheer pink and sheer cream) are best for those with light complexions.  On my dark pigmented lips, it looked like frost city and immediately put one of The Supremes’ songs in my head.  The shades aren’t for me, but fits perfect for the decade.

1. Oh, My Stars! Is described as a lime green with violet and purple sparkle.  To me the sparkle appears to be a pale pink and blue.
2.  Gender Bent Is described as a teal with bold orange sparkle.
3.  Equal Rights A yellow gold with pink sparkle.
4.  Polyester Witch Is described as a light violet with green sparkle.  To me, it’s a mid-toned purple with green sparkle, but I also see flashes of blue as well.
5.  Space Age A cool-toned, mint green with blue sparkle.
6.  Pop Art Mini Skirt Is described as a bright orange with turquoise sparkle.  To me, the orange appears more like a cream-cycle orange.
7.  London Mod Is described as a pale blue.  It isn’t pale at all to me.  It’s more of a medium bright blue with green sparkle.  Unfortunately, the green sparkle makes this shade look similar to Gender Bent when photographed.  To the naked eye, these shades are distinctly different.
8.  Bollywood Babe Is described as a neutral pink with gold sparkle.

The colored sparkle in these shades is what got me excited by this collection.  The colored sparkle is pale, making it appear subtle against the bright base.  If you’re not a fan of bright colors, the 50s Retro Collection may appeal to you.

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