Fyrinnae Samhain Collection 2012


My beloved Fyrinnae is back with new shades and they managed to outdo themselves.  The Samhain Collection (pronounced “sow-en”) consists of eight shadows and one lip lustre.  The shadows are featured here (including one shade from the 2011 Halloween collection).  All of the shadows are very pigmented as that has never been a problem with Fyrinnae shadows.  The price has gone up on all of their products, been Fyrinnae has never been skimpy on the amount of product you get.  The price of Arcane loose shadows loose has increased to $6.80 (3 grams), while the price of their regular loose shadows is $6.25 (3 grams).  Fyrinnae is also selling some of their loose shadows in pressed form for $8.25.

1 Arcane Magic: Mermaid Masquerade is a bright blue with teal sparkles, which changes to a darker blue-based purple when brought closer to the light or viewed at a different angle.

2 Arcane Magic: Mystical Hedgehog is a mid-toned purple with teal sparkle, which changes to a bright pinky purple when brought closer to the light or viewed at a different angle.

3 Arcane Magic: Alchemist’s Curse is a pink/purple sparkle on a black base, but closer to light or viewed at a different angle, the sparkle becomes a dark, golden green. This shade is from the Halloween 2011 collection.

4 Arcane Magic: Sultry Samhain is a burgundy red with pink shimmer and changes to a light red orange with pink shimmer when brought to the light or viewed at another angle.

5 Arcane Magic: Velveteen Werewolf.  This shade is difficult for me to describe.  The base color is a light brown and it has pale, olive green and gold shimmer.  When brought closer to the light, it appears more taupe with pink shimmer.

6 Bonfire Spirits has a brown base with lots of red and golden green shimmer.

7 Witchy Woodland Creatures is a neutral, taupe with pinky peach undertones on my skin.  This is one of those universal neutral shades that may look different on cooler skin tone.

8 Ethereal Éire is a lovely, pale sage green with light blue sparkle.

9 Mischievous Sidhe is a true, yellow gold.

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  1. Rita says:

    Thanks for the wonderful review! 😀

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