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Urban Decay has just released a new limited edition Holiday palette called The Vice Palette.  It is supposed to feature “twenty never-before-seen shades” and retails for $59 and is available online at UrbanDecay.com now and at Sephora, Ulta and Urban Decay counters in Macy’s at the end of September.  Each shade contains 0.03oz of product and can be used wet or dry.  The palette also contains a double ended synthetic brush and a large mirror.  The case has a soft-touch feel and opens from a push button.

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Okay, I’m going to start with the conclusion first, then the details.  If I start with the details, this will read like a bad review and I’m trying to avoid that, but I make no promises.

Is this palette worth it?  If you don’t have many Urban Decay shadows in your collection…then yes, definitely give this palette a consideration.  The majority of the shades in this palette are very smooth, blendable, pigmented and a great value given the amount of product you’re getting.  Blitz, Chaos, Penny Lane, Unhinged, Black Market and Noise have excellent pigmentation.

If you have at least five Urban Decay shadows in your collection, chances are, there are dupes of three of them in this palette.  Five is the magic number.  So, go count and if you make it up to five, then…skip this palette completely.

Why am I disappointed?  Urban Decay promotes this palette as having ‘twenty never-before-seen shades’, but this is a fib.  It’s either a fabrication, the ‘Hey, I Got an Idea’ crew at Urban Decay thinks we’re stupid or they don’t know what ‘never-before-seen’ means.  Out of my personal collection, I count three that look exactly the same as shades already in their permanent line and one that looks exactly like a limited edition shade released last year and again last month.  After Urban Decay revamped their shadow formula in the Spring, I thought they packed away their old chunky, fallout ridden shadows.  I wish they would’ve left those shadows in storage, but they’re back.

The duds?  Urban Decay missed the mark completely with Jagged.  It is a crumbly mess that took four passes to get a decent color payoff for the arm swatch.  I don’t think a sticky base would help this shade.  It is the worst performing shade I’ve experienced from this line.

Provocateur and Freebird are tied for second.  They are also crumbly and chunky, but not as bad as Jagged.  Your brush will definitely pick up more product than you’ll ever need.  I haven’t used these on my eye yet, but I’m sure the fallout onto your face and in your eye will be epic.  A sticky base and some luck are needed to get these to work.

Armor looks like it will be chunky too.  It is more loosely packed than it should be but performs better than the other three.  It will take a couple of passes to build up the color.

The ‘WTF’?  First off, Noise.  Noise is a lovely, pigmented, raspberry pink with minute gold shimmer and looks EXACTLY like Urban Decay’s Woodstock (new formula) from their permanent line.  There is absolutely no difference between these two shades, right down to the minute gold shimmer.  Woodstock is smoother in texture.  So, why not put Woodstock in this palette and call it what it is?

Armor is a less pigmented and crumblier version of Urban Decay’s Mushroom (new formula) from their permanent line.  Armor has glitter, which makes it appear lighter in color, but the pigmentation isn’t there in the first pass.  So, once you add a second layer, you get a glittery Mushroom.  The glitter negatively impacts this shade.  So, why not put Mushroom in this palette?

My favorite shade from Urban Decay’s 15-Year Anniversary palette was Deep End.  It is a fantastic teal.  Deep End was re-released in a limited edition palette last month.  Unhinged = Deep End.  Really, Urban Decay?  Really?  If I were being nice, I would say Unhinged was a tiny, tiny bit bluer, but I don’t feel like being nice.

Vice looks eerily similar to Freakshow from their old formula.

Had Urban Decay been honest and not simply relabeled their existing or pre-released shades, I would feel differently.  I would’ve chalked it up to my obvious makeup addiction urging me to buy a palette that included shades I already owned…my bad.  This is their bad.

Urban Decay describes these shades as:

Desperation – greyish taupe brown matte-satin

Muse – dark reddish brown with golden and multidimensional shimmer

Jagged – matte black base with gold metallic

Blitz – bright gold metallic

Penny Lane – bronze metallic with gold glitter

Junkie – dark green-blue with gold shimmer

Chaos – vibrant royal blue with very subtle shimmer

Unhinged – electric turquoise blue metallic

Occupy – dark grey-blue metallic

Black Market – dark charcoal black matte-satin

Provocateur – light greyish pink with lots of multidimensional glitter

Rapture – dark greyish purple with multidimensional shimmer

Vice – dark eggplant with subtle red shimmer

Noise – dark reddish-pink metallic with big gold glitter

Armor – greyish brown metallic with silver micro-glitter

Nevermind – light taupey-brown shimmer

Echo Beach – light wheat-champagne shimmer

Anonymous – light whitish-pink nude matte

Freebird – light peachy-pink with silver micro-glitter

Laced – pinky-taupe matte

One comment on “Urban Decay – The Vice Palette

  1. shelley w says:

    Thank you for the straight-forward review. I was a little suspect of this palette because the shades look familiar and you just pointed it out that I was right in my assumption. Shame on UD for trying to pull a fast one on us.

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