Estée Lauder – Not Your Mother’s Makeup (Pt. 2)

Estée Lauder recently released sixteen new eye shadows.  Ten are in their Gelée formula (two are limited edition) and six are in a new Vivid Shine formula (all are limited edition).

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Pure Color Gelée Powder Shadows (Cyber) are described as being a tri-blend of gel, powder and liquid.  It can be applied wet or dry.  You can get the high shine when used dry and a metallic look when used wet.  The formula is long-lasting, doesn’t fade or crease and blends easily.  Of the ten Cyber shadows released, two are limited edition (Arctic Sky and Cyber Ice).  This formula has been released before in shadows, palettes and face highlighters.  A lot of these shades were released last year, but were limited edition at that time.

The Cyber shades include:  Cyber Pink (pale pink), Cyber Ruby (brick red), Cyber Ice, Cyber Silver (deep metallic), Cyber Gold, Cyber Copper, Cyber Teal, Cyber Lilac, Arctic Sky and Cyber Green (black-based deep green with gold shimmer).

Arctic Sky is lilac gray-based purple with a pink duochrome.  It is the most unique of the bunch.  Urban Decay’s Omen and Mac’s Parfait Amour has more of a pink-based purple than lilac.  Silvers in general are not a color I gravitate to for eye color, but I was very taken by Cyber Silver.  It is a deep gunmetal shade that has minute red and green sparkle.  Cyber Ice is a very pigmented pearly white (not a bright white or cream).  It also has minute green and red sparkle.  This shade wasn’t as creamy as the others.  I did experience some flyaway sparkle when arm swatching which means some fallout when applying to the eye.  Cyber Teal is a pretty, green-based teal.

The Vivid Shine formula doesn’t have the metallic finish the Cyber shades do, but they are all intensely bright, pigmented, beautiful shades with a nice sheen.  They are long-wearing and can be used wet or dry.  Vivid Shine shades include: Magenta (deep pink), Electric Orchid (purple), Ultra Marine (teal), Fire Sapphire (bright electric blue), Lights Out (black with sheen) and Pop Pistachio (soft yellow green).

If you have Urban Decay’s Woodstock, you could take a pass on Magenta, but it is a beautiful shade.  Electric Orchid is a pretty red-based purple, but is easily duped.  Fire Sapphire is a blindingly bright, intense blue, in the pan.  It loses some of the intensity when swatch dry, but may perform better when used wet.  Ultra Marine is a fabulous blue-based teal that is simply dreamy.  Pop Pistachio is a nice green, but not a unique color.  This type of green in a metallic finish may make finding a dupe difficult.

One side note:  The lattice design of these shades just adds an extra oomph and the product itself is actually wavy in the pan.  I almost hate to use it.

These shades are available at your Estee Lauder counters and online and retails for $24 (0.3oz/0.9g).

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