L’Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Eyeshadow

L’Oreal has released 18 new and exciting powder/cream, long-wearing, hybrid shadows that are reminiscent of Giorgio Armani’s Eyes to Kill Intense shadows (L’Oreal owns Armani).

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L’Oreal describes this product as an ultra-intense eye shadow that lasts from day until dawn.  The formula fuses the ease of a powder with the velvety texture of a cream to create a hybrid that glides on effortlessly.  It is waterproof, crease and fade resistant.

The product comes in a plastic jar with a stopper to keep the product pressed down, similar to the Armani shadows.  The two formulas may be hybrids, but I found L’Oreal’s product much more creamy than powdery.  Armani is definitely more powdery.  Not that it’s a bad thing, but it made getting the product on my brush a bit troublesome.  Instead of the product gathering on the tip of my brush like I want, it sort of collects further back onto the bristles.  So, when I got apply, I’m guesstimating where the product is going to land on my lid.  This also creates clumps.  The product applies better with a synthetic brush, but I had success with natural bristles (when used wet).

The shadow blends out nicely, but I suggest you work fast before it sets.  I did experience fallout, especially with the shimmery shades.  A major annoyance for me was that this product stained my brushes (synthetic and natural-haired).  When I say stain, I mean stain!  I had to wash my brushes several times to get the product out and I used two different makeup removers, my brush cleaner and hand soap!  I love pigmented shadows, but this is extreme.

I wouldn’t call the shades 100% waterproof, I experienced slight fading.  I applied the shades onto my lid with no base and noticed no creasing for the 8 hours I wore the product, which is amazing for my oily lids.  The shadows retail for $7.95, but I picked these up at Target for $6.99.  The price point is pretty awesome considering you get 3.5g of product (0.12 oz).

Continuous Cocoa (#891) is a lovely blackened, cool-toned, gray-brown.  It has a slight silvery sheen in the pan, but the product applies more matte.  My arm swatch doesn’t do this shade justice.  It is much darker and richer.

Smoldering Plum (#556) is a deep plum with red purple shimmer.  It’s a cross between Mac’s Shadowy Lady and Sketch.  The shimmer is more intense in the pan than when applied.

Golden Emerald (335) describes this shade to a Tee.  It is a great shade for fall.  The shade practically glows in the pan and on the eye.  The shade reminds me of Mac’s Humid or Inglot’s #44, but neither has the intense golden shimmer.

The arm swatches are applied dry with no primer, which is just as intense as when used wet.  These color payoff of these shades are fantastic, but rumor has it the payoff isn’t consistent throughout the entire range.  The budget conscious makeup lovers need to add a few of these to their collection.  If you have a sizeable collection, you may not find a color you don’t already have, but it’s definitely worth a look. 

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