Urban Decay, Revamped

Admittedly, this post is filled with a lot of “that’s great…but”

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The one thing I loved about last year’s 15th Anniversary palette was the soft, smooth and consistently pigmented shadows.  Fortunately, Urban Decay has revamped its entire eye shadow line in this formula.  If this great formula is truly consistent throughout its entire line, Urban Decay has truly upped its game.  I wish they would’ve added more matte shades in darker neutral colors as their matte formula is simply lovely.  Unfortunately, they have also discontinued a pretty lengthy list of shades in the original formula (including Shag, one of my favorites), but new shades have been added.  Urban Decay’s website has included possible dupes on the discontinued shades; some are good, some aren’t even close.

In addition to the reformulation, Urban Decay has also repackaged its shadows to include an interesting feature that allows you to pop out the shadow from its casing.  The shadow can be pushed out from the bottom but make sure you’re either holding it securely in your hand or over a soft surface.  To all of you depotting to ‘build-your-own-palette’ lovers (myself included); this isn’t as great as it sounds.  The pan itself doesn’t pop out; it’s the pan and the surrounding plastic casing.  Urban Decay still isn’t offering its shadows in pan form for a cheaper price like some of its competitors.

For $18, Urban Decay is also offering a palette to pop these babies in.  The palette is a decorative, mirrored, metal/plastic that holds six shades.  The palette also comes with a free shadow (Walk of Shame-matte, highlight) and flat, synthetic shader brush.  The shade pops into the pre-set grooves securely.  I found it difficult to remove the shadow with my fingers without risking a nail.  The lid feels secure as well.

Again, that also isn’t as great as it sounds.  The free shadow arrives already inserted into the palette leaving only five spaces for the shades you want.  The same shade and brush will be in each palette you purchase.  For the first time around, it is a decent deal considering one shadow cost $18.  If you need/want more palettes, you will accumulate a lot of crap you don’t want, which is a shame.  Hopefully, Urban Decay will admit it’s wasting a lot of money and will simply offer an empty palette, cheaper.

The new formula and shades are available now online.  No word on when it will hit stores.  If your favorite Urban Decay shade is on the discontinued list (below), go buy a back-up now.  They are still available at Sephora, Urban Decay’s website and counters.  Fortunately, their products often appear on discount websites (where I’ve purchased most of their shades) – HauteLook and All Cosmetics Wholesale.  Swatches of Walk of Shame and the shades I purchased can be found here.  I was obviously in a teal mood.  See The Swatch Bin for shade names.

Kiddie Pool
Shag (deluxe shadow)
Underground (deluxe shadow)
Ruthless (deluxe shadow)
Mary Jane
Graffiti (deluxe shadow)
El Dorado
Honey (deluxe shadow)
Purple Haze
Ransom (deluxe shadow)
Zero (deluxe shadow)

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