Rae Morris Brush Kit


I’m a sucker for a brush set, especially a good one.  Rae Morris is a professional makeup artist that has published several makeup books.  I own a couple of her books and found them extremely helpful for a makeup newbie.  I knew from the quality and content of her books and her work as an artist that she wouldn’t release a bad set of brushes.  I initially heard about the brushes from one of my favorite YouTube vlogger – Wayne Goss.  I trust his opinion and decided to try them out.  This set is in fact a very nice set.  Good quality brushes are essential for great makeup application and is an investment.  A quality brush will last years.  It makes a huge difference in how your makeup performs.  If you’re considering an upgrade to your personal collection, include this set on your research list.

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  • The bristles are extremely soft and taper nicely.  Not a prickly brush in the bunch.
  • The handles are short; almost the length of travel brushes.
  • The ferrules are magnetized.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  At first I thought it was a neat idea, but it can be annoying when I’m washing them and the brushes stick together.
  • The set costs $199.  That is very big number, but when you consider that you’re getting ten brushes (including a dual ended brush).  $20 per brush isn’t bad when you consider the average high-end brush costs $25-30 each; $40 for a face powder brush.
  • I’ve only experienced one shed hair in each of the face brushes and I’ve used them many times and washed them after each use.
  • Rae Morris offers a 27-piece set for $699.  (If you see that set discussed on this blog, I’ve either won the lottery or it was given to me for free.)
1 Deluxe Kabuki:

    Great brush for powder blush or contouring.
8 Medium Precision Shader:

    Extremely soft brush that I love using to apply shadow to my crease.
11 Medium Oval Shadow:

    This brush is a bit too large to apply shadow to my lid, but would be a good brush for a nice wash of color.  The bristles are tightly packed and taper nicely.
12 Chiseled Smudger:

    A great brush for detail work or smudging shadow below the lash line.
13 Deluxe Eyeliner:

    This brush is quite large for gel liner, but is nice if you’re apply a dark shadow to your lash line and plan to smudge it out.
15 Precision Bent Liner:

    A great liner brush.  Angled liner brushes are my favorite.
16 Angled Brow / Mascara Definer:

    I’m not a fan of dual ended brushes because I store my brushes in a cup.  I love the mascara definer end of the brush, but not for mascara.  I think this brush is fantastic as a liner brush and for forming a wing.  It could also be used to define your brow.
19 Lip Brush:

    I don’t use lip brushes often.  Since this brush isn’t travel friendly, I use this brush for cream products.
20 Concealer Brush:

    Nice brush.  The bristles are firm, but not too stiff.
22 Pro Powder:

    This is my favorite brush out of the set.  I use it for blush, not face powder.  It is quite dense and takes longer to dry than a typical natural-haired brush.

The brushes are available for purchase in the US here.

2 comments on “Rae Morris Brush Kit

  1. Jessica says:

    Hello Eyeshadowjunkie,

    I loved your review on the Rea Morris brush set. However when I clicked on the link to view/purchase the link was not working. Actually it said the site was down for maintenance. Could you please re-post the full site address where you purchased your set?

    Thank you,

    • Sorry for the inconvenience Jessica, but that is the site I purchased the brushes from. Hopefully, the site will be up soon. You can purchase via Rae Morris’ site directly but it’s in Australian dollars.

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