Sweet Acne: Final Update

March 8, 2011 was the day I decided to challenge myself.  Is my acne caused by sugar?  I can’t believe it has been a year since I’ve had ice cream or a Bakers Square pie.  It would be great if I could say my skin has finally lived up to my definition of ‘clear skin’.  It hasn’t.  Not yet anyway.  I have no doubt that it will soon.

Despite my diet change, I still get one or two breakouts gifted to me, courtesy of my monthly cycle.  That will not change anytime soon.  What will change is my reaction to those breakouts.  I’m proud to say that I’ve finally learned to not pick at my acne.  When I don’t pick, the acne will go away within days.  I am (was) a chronic zit picker and it is an accomplishment every time I walk away from a mirror and not have picked at my face.  I know picking is horrible and exacerbates everything, but it’s a bad habit to break.  The end result of picking for me is hyperpigmentation that is darker, which takes longer to fade.  Clear skin for me is the day those old hyperpigmentation scars fade and I can bury my concealers.

My diet is consistent.  I am taking my vitamins and supplements daily.  I still struggle with drinking enough water on a consistent basis.  That is my next hurdle.  I hope you find what I’ve learned over the past year helpful.

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