Fyrinnae Halloween, 2011

My beloved Fyrinnae has come out with some new products in honor of Halloween.  Thankfully, the shades are permanent.  A lot of the new eye shadows are Arcane Magic, meaning the color shifts.

I didn’t pick up all of the new eye shadows as some have a black base and those aren’t my favorite to work with.  Dorian Gray (shimmery black), Raven’s Prophecy (shimmery charcoal) and Alchemist’s Curse (dark shimmery purple).

Not pictured is the new lip lustre in Velvet Coffin, a lovely purple.  It is a tamer, less pink version of Mac’s Violetta.

All swatches were done over Urban Decay’s Primer Potion.


Book Of The Dead (1)

A gold with varying sparkles.

Are You My Mummy (2)

An Arcane that starts out a vibrant emerald green but takes on an aqua, then changes to a striking deep pink color. I struggled with capturing this on camera.  Though in this picture, the shade is green, but in the recent eye look I did, you can see it looks bluer.

Wake Not The Dead (3)

This Arcane is very shimmery, almost glittery purple.  The color shift isn’t as strong to the naked eye as most Arcanes.  It seems the sparkle itself changes color, not the base color…if that makes sense.  Fyrinnae describes this as a deep orchid purple base that has varying hues of gold, green, and blue sparkle, which all change to give the shadow a distinctly pink-purple cast.  I couldn’t capture the color change in a photo.

Bride of Frankenstein (4)

This shade is similar to Wake Not The Dead in that the color change is barely noticeable to me.  It is still a pretty blue.  Fryinnae describes this as a vivid blue with a slight turquoise highlight.  It sparkles green and light blue, but closer to light it takes on an aqua and pink glimmer over the blue base shade.

Steampunk (5)

This is a remake of Fyrinnae’s older Steampunk shade.  You can see a swatch of it in my earlier Fyrinnae.  Steampunk is now an awesome Arcane that shifts beautifully.  It is my favorite out of the bunch.  Fyrinnae describes this as an antiqued deep copper on black, with a touch of gold sparkle and hues of pink.  The color shifts into a gold to chartreuse.  You can see the color shift in the second picture.

Purgatory (6)

I received this shade as a free sample.  It is an almost metallic red over a black base.

Not apart of the Halloween, but new to my personal collection are:

Nijiro (1)

Ivory with rainbow sparkles.

Samhain Spirits (2)

Pronounced “sah-wen” or “sow-en”.  This is a shimmery muted burgundy-mauve and copper, with a hint of pale gold.

Fire Opal (3)

An aged gleaming gold with flashes of sparkle in varying hues.

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