Sweet Acne: September, 2011

My skin’s reaction from last month’s problem cleared up, but it still isn’t where I want or expected it should be given the sacrifice and diet change.  I’ve got a feeling the coconut water I’ve been drinking during my marathon training runs for the past four months has prevented my skin from completely clearing up like I want.  I thought it was pretty safe since it’s all natural and low in sugar.

To make matters worse, the past few days I’ve been carbo-loading in preparation for the marathon, which was today (Chicago Marathon).  Although I’ve been eating ‘safe’ carbs, I ate much more processed foods, which I’ve learned my skin doesn’t like.  I’m currently experiencing the effects.  The drinks and food I consumed today will definitely have a negative impact:  I had to consume a sugary sports drink during the marathon and I celebrated my finish by eating two big slices of scrumptious pizza.  My husband forgot to get wheat crust on the pizza so I ate white (double whammy).

It will be interesting to see if my skin does get better from not consuming the coconut water.  I will start fresh tomorrow.

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