The ‘IT’ List – The Brush Guard

What is ‘The IT List’?  It is a short list of makeup or makeup related items that I have found to be the best of the best (at least for my needs anyway).  It would take a mighty nice product to knock these products off the pedestal I’ve put them on.

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UPDATE 1/14/12:  The variety pack is now available at your local Walmart.  Happy shopping!

I’ve been using The Brush Guard since I certified myself as having a makeup addiction.  They do an amazing job at maintaining the brushes shape.  After cleaning my powder, blending and pencil brushes, I use a Brush Guard while they’re drying.  The shape is maintained after I remove the Brush Guard and while I’m applying my makeup.

The product can be purchased on their website or  The company offers a variety of sizes for different brush type.  You can buy a package of four to ten (depending on the size) for $5.50.

The dry time is just as fast with the guards as it is without.  The only time I’ve noticed a longer drying time when using a Brush Guard is on my Sigma kabuki brushes (another item on my IT list), which are extremely dense and take forever to dry regardless.  I wouldn’t advise using a Brush Guard on flat shader eye brushes because the extra small Brush Guards are round and it will create an unusual shape.

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