The ‘IT’ List – Hakuhodo

What is ‘The IT List’?  It is a short list of makeup or makeup related items that I have found to be the best of the best (at least for my needs anyway).  It would take a mighty nice item to knock these products off the pedestal I’ve put them on.

I have had my eye on Hakuhodo brushes for well over a year, but never took the plunge.  I didn’t seriously consider buying them until I had planned to buy some overpriced limited edition Mac brushes.  Then I thought, why buy Mac when I can introduce Hakuhodo to my home?

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When I first opened the box and took a S Series brush out of the plastic wrapping…it was reminiscent of Uma Thurman getting her hands on a Hattori Hanzo sword for the first time in the movie Kill Bill.  The brush is like a piece of art.  The softness of their brushes is beyond amazing.

The natural hairs of the brushes are not cut to form its shape, like most brushes.  The individual hairs are hand sculpted and assembled at Hakuhodo headquarters in Japan.  The tapered tip of each individual hair is natural.  Hakuhodo offers several hundred types of brushes with many types of natural hairs to choose from, even synthetic.

The prices of Hakuhodo brushes range greatly:  Liner brushes for under $10; shader and lip brushes for under $20 and powder brushes for $20.  The costs for many of their brushes range from $20 to $60.  The face brushes; however, go from $45 to over $200.  The cheaper brushes don’t skimp on quality; that is the great thing about the company.  The softness is the same throughout, but the handle, hair and ferrule type causes the price swings.

Hakuhodo’s shipping is incredibly fast, even for standard shipping (within the week).   I ordered my brushes on different occasions and I was shocked at how quick my packages arrived.  The brushes arrived practically gift wrapped, which is something that helps set this company apart.

If you’re considering buying a Mac brush, especially a fluffy brush, check out Hakuhodo first.  I still love my other brushes (I will blog about another later), but these have a special place in my collection.

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