Sweet Acne: Update, June 2011


Okay, I’m a month late.  I was all set to write my May update during the first week of June, but something happened.  More like a series of events that ended with a really bad breakout of my skin.  I wasn’t in a good place psychologically to update my blog on this topic and needed time to figure out what the heck happened.

First, I will say I’ve been good with staying away from sugar and white foods.  I was; however, allowing myself one little treat a week.  My husband and I had a favorite pizza joint that we enjoyed weekly.  I thought I was being relatively careful.  I checked the sugar count in the sauce.  I got wheat crust.  I figured since I was not eating a very long list of foods, my body (skin) would cut me some slack.  It didn’t.  All else staying the same, three days after having my delicious pizza, I’d have a new zit to introduce to the world.  Add cheese to the ‘no-no’ list.  Crap!

The day after my pizza, my husband and I went out to eat.  I was careful with my dinner choice, but I also topped it off with a glass of dry white wine.  Could it have the wine?  It had been several months since I had an alcoholic beverage and none since.  Maybe there was a hidden bad ingredient in my food?  Jury is still out, but I’m including it in the chain of events.

A few days after that, I ate a lot of soy-based, pre-packaged vegetarian foods for several back-to-back meals.  I did some research on soy and learned that it can create an allergic reaction, which can result in acne.  Some of my favorite foods are soy-based, but I had to add that to the ‘no-no’ list too.  Crap!  Crap!!

Since the second week of June, I’ve stayed clear of cheese and soy.  My weight has dropped some more as my running has picked up.  Most importantly, my skin is clear.

2 comments on “Sweet Acne: Update, June 2011

  1. Richelle O says:

    Have you tried using Vitamin A to help with the acne? I started taking it after watching a video about Accutane, and I must say it’s working wonderfully.

    • I am! The multivitamin I take daily has 15,000IU of Vitamin A and the fish oil I take also has a bit. My multi helped out a lot early on, but when my body got use to them, it reverted back to its old ways. My recent diet change in combination with the my multi and fish oil was the answer for me. Thanks so much for your comment!!!

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