Giorgio Armani has come out with two more Eyes to Kill Intense eye shadows (#1 and #3).  The new colors came out a little over a month ago.  The moment I found out I went on the hunt for them, but the shades weren’t available at my local Armani counter.  Of course it’s available online, but I didn’t feel like waiting for mail.  So, I talked myself out of buying them.

Then Armani had a Friends and Family sale (with free shipping) and that was all it took.  Thanks Armani!  Too kind.  Now Blast of Blue (#1) and Purpura (#3) are mine.   I know I have an addiction, I’m working on it.

Blast of Blue is a deep blue with intense gold shimmer, while Purpura is a deep red-purple with gold and silver shimmer.  The swatches of these colors were done over Urban Decay Primer Potion.  These shadows are more intense when used wet, which I will do in an upcoming look.

I’ve updated The Swatch Bin with these shades and a comparison of other colors I own.  Truthfully, I own nothing that comes close.  These colors are in a class by themselves.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See this post for more information on Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Intense shadows.

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