Bloggers’ Obsession: Hocus Pocus

This shade is very impressive.  The blogger wanted to create a shadow that would make an easy smokey eye and darn it if she didn’t do just that.  I don’t do the traditional smokey eye because I don’t think it looks good on me.  This is as close to a smokey eye that I choose to get to.  I wore this look to work today (yep, a smokey eye to work).  The shade allows you to vary the intensity of the color without losing the complexity of the shade or becoming patchy.  Sweet!

Unfortunately, this shade is sold out already on Mac’s website.  I called today to inquire if they were restocking soon, but they aren’t.  Knowing Mac, the shade will probably be re-released in a later collection.

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Products Used:
Eyebrows: Mac Eyebrow Crayon – Spiked
Base: Mac Soft Ochre Paint Pot
Highlighter: Mac Vanilla
Crease: Mac Corduroy
Upper Crease: Mac Tete-A-Tint
Lid: Mac Hocus Pocus
Inner Corner: Mac Short Shorts
Upper Lashline: Mac Feline Kohl Pencil
Lower Waterline: Mac Gilded White
Lower Lashline: Mac Feline Kohl Pencil
Mascara: Clinique High Definition – Black

Mac Prep and Prime – Lash

Foundation: Everyday Minerals Powder – Tan
Get This Look: 

Soft Ochre Paint Pot was applied all over my lid and up to my brow bone.  To blend the edges of the paint pot, I brushed on Mac’s Soft Brown, which is a skin tone shade for me.  I also put this color in my crease and up to my brow.

With a Mac 239 brush I applied this color to my lid and up to my crease, leaving the inner corner bare.  The shade is applied slightly above my crease on the outer corner.  Since I was going to work, I didn’t make this color too dark on my eye.  For the camera, I was able to darken the shade quite easily without fallout.  Of course, it was much darker in person.

Using the other side of the same 239 brush, I applied Mac’s Short Shorts to the inner corner.  Any shimmery white or cream color will work.  With a clean Mac 217, I blended out the upper edges of Hocus Pocus.  I then took Mac’s Corduroy (medium dark warm brown) and blended the color starting at the outer edge and working my way inward.  With the same brush (cleaned off) I used Tete-a-Tint (matte peach-brown) and blended out Corduroy.

I used Mac’s Feline Kohl pencil on the upper lash line and smudged the liner using a Mac 219 pencil brush.  Feline is a very soft and very black pencil, but when left on its own will smear and run terribly.  After smudging the liner, I took more of Hocus Pocus and patted it on top.  I took the remaining Feline that was left on the 219 brush and used it on my lower lash line.  I used a white shimmery pencil (Gilded White) on my lower water line.

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